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The last recess went so well (not!), McConnell has decided to delay the next one to "work" on trumpcare (aka: sleazy dealmaking) until the 3rd week in August — you know what to do: 

Don't stop calling about BCRA.

CALL. TEXT, EMAIL OR FAX (Try Resistbot — text "resist" to 50409). Tweet Gardner here. 
Senator Cory Gardner (R): 202-224-5941 (DC) / 303-391-5777(Denver).
INSIDE TIPS: Also ask to speak to Senator Gardner's Healthcare Staffer, Alison Toal (her email is alison_toal@gardner.senate.gov) or Gardner's Legislative Director, Curtis Swager
curtis_swager@gardner.senate.gov or call Swager at 

Buck and Gardner are saying Obamacare is "failing" because insurance companies are leaving it. BUT they're leaving it because of states opting out of Medicaid. More here.

1. trumpcare destroys Medicaid as we know it here.
2. trumpcare = higher costs for all Americans, here.
3. trumpcare fails folks with pre-existing conditions, here.
4. trumpcare will worsen the Opiod Crisis in America, here.

Indivisible Recess Toolkit here.

Encourage and thank Senator Bennet for continuing to speak out against this putrid bill. THIS EMBOLDENS DEMOCRATS to be CHAMPIONS in the future for other issues. Give them cover. Senator Michael Bennet(D): 202-224-5852 (DC) / 303-455-7600 (Denver).

Don't contact other Senators in other states, but encourage your friends and family living in other states to do so.

REAL HEALTHCARE REFORM: 2nd Annual Universal Health Care Conference, Saturday, July 15, 9:30am–3pm, Pipefitter's Union Hall, Denver. Empower yourself with info and inspiration from those on the frontlines of the fight. IT CAN BE DONE!

GOOD NEWS: Hickenlooper signed Colorado on to the Paris Climate Treaty targets yesterday, here.

Democratic Women of Boulder County (DWBC) present Poolside BBQ and Evening Program, Wednesday, July 19, 5pm (program starts at 6:45pm), The Elks, 3975 28th Street, Boulder. The event will focus on challenges faced by the immigrant community and how we can be allies, featuring presentations by Representative Joe Salazar, El Comite de Longmont, and Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC). Join us for a poolside barbecue prior to the discussion.  $10 event fee. $6.50 for a burger and a side. Extra sides will cost $1.00. Cash only. Cash bar. PLEASE RSVP here.

The Reunited States of America, Thursday, July 20th, 7–8pm, City Council Chambers, 4th & Kimbark, south of the Library.  Hosted by Longmont Public Library, with the book's author Mark Gerzon. "In this era of poisonous partisanship, The Reunited States of America is a lifesaving antidote. At a time when loyalty to a party seems to be overpowering love of country, it not only explains how we can bridge the partisanship divide but also tells the untold story of how our fellow citizens already are doing it." This program is free but requires registration here.

Kaye Fissinger Memorial, Saturday, July 22, 10am–Noon, Rogers Grove Park, Longmont. This informal memorial will be a gathering of Kaye's friends and family to celebrate her life, activism and continuing spirit. If you'd like to make a financial contribution in Kaye's name, donate to Kaye Fissinger's Memorial - Celebration of Life & Legacy Fund or Food and Water Watch.org

SHOW PROGRESSIVE PRIDE, and walk with us at the Boulder County Fair Parade, Saturday, July 29, Check-in at 9am, Roosevelt Park, 8th & Coffman. Questions, here.

Longmont Area Democrats at the Farmer's Market: Saturdays, July 29, September 2 & 30, October 28, 8am–1pm, Boulder County Farmer's Market, Boulder County Fairgrounds, providing information, answering questions, letting you know of upcoming events, and the latest news about our upcoming Longmont City Council and area School Board elections November 7. Volunteers needed. Please stop by our booth!

(no July LAD meeting, but) You don't want to miss LAD's ANNUAL SUMMER PICNIC — NEW DATE & LOCATION — Saturday, August 26, 5–8pm, Ollin Farms (South on Hover Rd, past Pike Rd., west side of Hover). Great food, music, fun people, a chance to connect and put the PARTY in politics! We are thrilled to support Ollin Farms...more on Ollin Farms, here.

WHAT DO YOU GET when you cross a Russian, an email, and an Idiot?, here.

The whole kit and colludle, here.

Boulder County Clerk
Hillary Hall's opinion about vote integrity, here.

Robert Reich's
5 Principles of True Patriotism, here.

POWERFUL: Watch this, in support of Planned Parenthood, here.

Blow by Blow: Putin's Progeny, here.

WATCH: "Stand up for what you believe...for the children of destiny..." Neil Young's Resistance Anthem for July 4th here.

Grassroots Democrats ARE The Resistance here.

TRACK HR 676 (Improved Medicare for All — proposed since 2003!) here. DEGETTE (CD1), POLIS (CD2) and PERLMUTTER (CD7) signed on as CO-SPONSORS to HR 676 here.

WATCH and be inspired by the fight for Universal Healthcare: "Now Is The Time" online ($4.99, or purchase for $20) here. 

PLEASE SUPPORT the Colorado Foundation for Universal Healthcare
for the important work they do and will continue to do in this fight, here. (Check out their King Sooper's and Safeway reward programs — BRILLIANT! — here.)

READ what National Nurses United say about Medicare for All here.

ASTOUNDING: trump's Lies List, here.

All four Colorado Democratic Members of Congress (Bennet, DeGette, Polis & Perlmutter) have joined emoluments lawsuit against trump here...

...but Perlmutter won't be running for Governor — or CD7 again, here.

ANOTHER GREAT RESOURCE: Created by Colorado activists. Download the Colorado Resistance Manual here.

The best solution for republicans AMENDING OUR CONSTITUTION? Elect. More. Democrats. Read this here.

THIS HAPPENED: A Democrat, Dr. Kathie Allen, is one step closer (won the nomination by 77% at the state convention) to REPLACING CHAFFETZ (Utah CD3). Primary is August 17, General Election is (same day as Longmont's City Council Election) November 7! Read more here, and here.

BETO O'ROURKE, who is running against TED CRUZ in Texas this fall. More about Beto here. 

Republicans need more than Trump voters to hold onto the House. Democrats can still clean up in 2018 here.

WIPE THE SMUG off PAUL RYAN's FACE: TWO CANDIDATES have stepped up to run against Ryan — David Yankovich, here. AND WATCH Randy Bryce's powerful campaign launch ad here. 

In November of 1974 (remember what happened earlier that year?), Democrats picked up FORTY NINE seats in the House. In 2006, Democrats picked up 31 seats to attain a majority. WE ONLY NEED 24 IN 2018.  23 republicans represent districts that Clinton carried in 2016 (3 won by vary narrow margins — Coffman in Colorado's 6th CD is one of them.). Another 10 republicans BARELY won (by less than 4%). More here. Here's another overview.

WATCH: How about we get Longmont off coal? It could happen. Stanford University Futurist Tony Seba talks about wiping fossil fuels off the market in a decade here.

TRY RESISTBOT: Text "Resist" to 50409. Check it out, it will automatically send — and keep trying to send until send is confirmed — your message to your members. Fast, easy, convenient, and you acquire more functions the more you use it!

STUDENTS AND YOUNG PERSONS IN BOULDER COUNTY: interested in getting involved in Democratic Politics — ensuring millennial voices are heard on education, environmental, and equality issues? "Like" Boulder County Young Democrats for updates, events, and to connect to other young Democrats in Boulder County!

Senator Cory Gardner (R):
202-224-5941 (DC) / 303-391-5777(Denver). Senator Michael Bennet(D): 202-224-5852 (DC) / 303-455-7600 (Denver). Representative Ken Buck (R–CD4): 202-225-4676 (DC) / 970-702-2136 (Greeley).

2 NEW WIDGETS on our website: All about Longmont's City Council Election (THIS FALL, November 7) here. And all about City Council Meetings here. 

CHECK OUT our Resources and CLEAN widgets at longmontdems.org — if you've missed meetings, we'll try to post presentation materials in a timely manner. Also check out The Daily Lowdown widget, chronicling trump debacles and How to Track a Bill, with tips on how to follow state and federal legislature bills. Missed a blast or introducing a friend to them? We'll always post the current blast at longmontdems.org

DON'T FORGET to sign up for Daily ACTION ALERTS! Even though DC voicemail boxes become full, these alerts can be your signal to contact district offices. 

"He promised a wall. He will be stopped by a wall of us.": Sign up for weekly action updates at wall-of-us.org 

Not on facebook?: Maybe now's the time — if only for political action and alerts. We've found for many impromptu events and protests, facebook is the only place to find them. You'll need to sign up for a facebook account to access very good and informative facebook pages, like Pantsuit Nation, Longmont Area Democrats or CLEAN. Even if you are a "refusnik" like many of us were at first, Facebook is an easy and friendly way to stay politically active. (and you don't have to post to personal friends, in fact, you don't have to post at all, just follow your news feed.)

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* translation: "What did the President know and when did he know it?"