Apple's biggest acquisitions. Elite eight. Big food venture funds. 

Battle of heavyweights

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I'm not sure why consultants love bikes in their frameworks but they do. 

Here's another beauty that highlights that your people are a tire.

Apple acquisitions 

With the Cupertino-based giant nearing its 100th M&A deal since acquiring NeXT Computer in 1996, we visualized Apple's largest acquisitions, from its $250M acquisition of Siri to its $3B deal to buy Beats. 

Elite eight 

Round 3 of our bracket to determine the best company to invest in and hold for 10 years saw Tesla lose to Alibaba, Uber lose to Baidu, and Tencent lose to Amazon. 

On the docket for round 4:
  • Apple vs. Netflix
  • Amazon vs. Facebook
  • SpaceX vs. Alibaba
  • Alphabet vs. Baidu 
Round 4 closes on Sunday, 12/10. Cast your vote now

Search and food trends

Google search interest indicates there are going to be a lot more vegans.

Oy vey.

Note: If you're a vegan, I'm joking. Don't email me to tell me I'm a horrible human. Okthxbye.

Get in my belly

A timeline of major food corporates — like Tyson Foods, Land O'Lakes, and Chobani — that have launched food-focused venture funds and incubator programs shows the trend is intensifying. 

Death & news coverage

How many deaths does it take for a disaster to receive news coverage?

Solar coaster 

Deals to the solar industry are on track to break records this year — though investors are placing more careful bets, with total funding to the sector on pace for 3-year slump.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Tim Culpan (@tculpan) discusses the potential IPO of Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi and cites CB Insights unicorn data

Bitcoin Magazine. A look at Talla's blockchain-powered AI BotChain, with a reference to CB Insights AI data

Payments Journal. A discussion of open banking platform provider Token's response to PSD2, with a reference to CB Insights' Fintech 250

I love you.


P.S. On Thursday, we're diving into our 2018 Game Changers — 30 high-momentum startups on the cutting edge of tech. Join us for the briefing

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Twitter echo chamber. A study of over half a million tweets found that morally outraged tweets tend to be restricted to their own political spheres. 

Bias in AI. Researchers are working to correct racial, gender, and socioeconomic biases that can creep into AI and skew results. 

Bloomberg Tech 

No CEO needed. Jeremy Epstein (@jer979) on the emergence of DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) — companies leveraging blockchain technology to "run themselves," no C-suite required. 
Venture Beat

Killer code. Homicide archivist Thomas Hargrove aims to catch murderers using an algorithm he calls his "serial-killer detector." 
New Yorker

The small things. Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy (@PMBasics) discusses how not to drop the ball on smaller projects. 

Livestock leasing. Lucinda Shen (@ShenLucinda) on how Chinese financial tech firms are focusing on rural, farm-based consumers — and how one fintech startup is leasing cows. 
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