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Slack = electricity

Hi there,

I’m super excited to announce that for the first year ever, we’ll have simultaneous translation into Japanese at The Future of Fintech (June 11-13, NYC).  

We’ve already got 42 countries represented at this year’s event, and we didn’t want language to be a hurdle for the main stage (1100 people in the amazing Rose Theater).

If you’d like to take advantage of simultaneous translation into Japanese at the event, be sure to check the box when you register. If you already purchased your ticket and would like the service, let me know.

We’re contemplating adding Spanish and Chinese, so if you’re attending or would attend if we added those, let me know.

If you want to meet execs from global financial services institutions, there isn’t a better place than The Future of Fintech.

Prices go up at midnight tonight. Use the code language here to get $500 off today.

Step into my lab

As fintech plays a larger role in the financial ecosystem, companies are looking for ways to use tech to solve problems and find new opportunities.

One popular approach: in-house financial innovation labs.

From Visa to JP Morgan Chase to Goldman Sachs, we take a look at the labs from 37 of the biggest names in the industry.

Dataviz fail

Bet you didn’t know Latvian women are 7x the size of Indian women. #datascience

OK, I'll show you what I got

Google announced its $1.7B acquisition of YouTube over 12 years ago. Since then, the tech giant has made 245+ M&A transactions.

We made a visual timeline of Google's largest acquisitions over the course of the company's history. Check it out here.

 Ride-hailing for organs?

As Uber and Lyft continue to grow — and look for paths to profitability — they are looking to expand into the healthcare industry. We break down what the ride-hailing giants are already doing in the space and what the future could hold.

Clients can read about it here.

Dang — this isht is disruptive

You heard it here second. Slack is as important as electricity.

Space to entertain

Real estate has historically been a low-tech industry, but that's starting to change — and blockchain technology could play a key role.

From decentralized recordkeeping to property management to financing and payment systems, we analyze how blockchain could shake up the global real estate market

 Talk about it

Public cloud service revenue is expected to exceed $206B this year, and even the highly regulated financial services industry wants in on it.

We take a look at which top global investment banks are talking about cloud technology on earnings calls and what they're saying. Expert Intelligence clients can read about it here.

Pitch like a pro

Our friends at Bose recently announced a new corporate venture fund to build an AR platform business for the 55-year-old consumer electronics co.

With the $50M fund now successfully up and running, Head of Corporate Strategy & Innovation Fuat Koro shares some of Bose’s secrets to success and missteps.

Want more growth insights from big co execs? Check out CB Insights Councils, our exclusive network offering evidence-based strategies to accelerate organizational growth.

We're a selective group. Apply here for consideration, but don’t delay — we have limited capacity remaining in our 2019 cohort.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

CNBC. Rebecca A. Fannin (@rfannin) reports that Silicon Valley’s lead over China in VC investment shrank to $6B last year and cites CB Insights data.

Axios. Kaveh Waddell (@kavehwaddell) discusses where big tech companies are investing in AI and references CB Insights research.

Fast Company. Lydia Dishman (@lydiabreakfast) profiles the founders of travel startup Flash Pack and refers to CB Insights research.

I love you.


P.S. We're hiring an accounts receivable analyst. Check out the job description here. If this sounds like you, we'd love to chat.

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