Baidu is networking. Algorithms for everything. VCs have ICO FOMO.

Fake it til you make it

Hi there,

A recent article about unicorn Vice Media in New York Magazine is pretty fantastic. Check The Industry Standard below for the article as it references our data.

This part in particular was great.

To look bigger for a meeting with Intel, Vice basically faked having a dope office.

I suspect some folks will find this to be a genius move. Fake it til you make it and all that good stuff.

And others will think it's unethical.

What do you think?

BTW, Smith wasn't done after just getting the office, as the article highlights:


Got tons of great feedback and ideas in response to last week's newsletter about maintaining a culture of hunger in a scaling organization.

Will aggregate and send some thoughts/strategies folks shared.

One great question I got from a fellow founder was: how do you really know if there is a lack of hunger? I'm not sure there is a way to know with data vs it being a feeling or at best, based on anecdata.

Perhaps if revenue/employee count is declining? Not sure.

We love data here at CB Insights, but ultimately, calculating a complacency score seems difficult.

Why can't we be friends?

Since launching its Apollo project last April, Baidu has gained 100+ partners, including major OEMs, auto suppliers, and chip manufacturers. It's also upping its investment in autonomous driving tech with a $1.5B fund dedicated to startups innovating in the space.

We take a look at the company's recent developments to see how its collaborative approach compares to other leaders in AV tech.

 Client-only: 181 future unicorns + The Honest Company valuation

Some recent analyses from client-only notes:

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No sponsors

Our 3rd annual Future of Fintech Conference is coming up next week.

Since the beginning, we've never had sponsors. That means no moderators or speakers doing advertorials on stage.

This year's format is all fireside chats, aka 1:1 conversations between big shots in fintech and smart journalists. No panels — yay.

We've got an impressive group of moderators from Bloomberg, The New York Times, CNBC, WSJ, The Financial Times, and Fortune.

Also, the CBI team is presenting on topics ranging from AI to Amazon's attack on financial services to what we can learn from China's fintech innovations. 

For those of you coming, look forward to seeing you at the opening reception at Rockefeller Center on June 19.

We've got 37 tickets left. Use code "lifechanging" for $500 off.

Blurred lines

VCs are eager to participate in the new "token economy," and they're using new financing methods to invest in blockchain companies — often before there's even a token sale.

We explore how these investment methods are blurring the lines between ICOs and equity financing.

All AI everything

Given enough time and information, algorithms can be used to do just about anything — which is why AI and machine learning are doing just about everything, from brewing beer to fishing to analyzing horse behavior.

We don't expect this "AI for X" trend to slow down. Read about this and more in our AI Trends Report.

Hot off the assembly line: digitization

Factories are becoming increasingly connected, with many dirty, dangerous, and dull jobs being revamped with robotics and worker wearables.

On June 14, we'll be discussing IoT companies targeting manufacturing organizations, how factory owners are approaching the tech wave, and more. Register for the briefing here.

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The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

New York Magazine. Reeves Wiedeman (@reeveswiedeman) explores Vice Media's history and uncertain future and cites CB Insights valuation data.

Forbes. Louis Columbus (@LouisColumbus) writes about the ways in which machine learning is changing supply chain management and cites CB Insights’ Supply Chain & Logistics Report.

CNN. Kaya Yurieff (@kyurieff) reports on the new BlackBerry Key2 phone and quotes CB Insights' VP of Intelligence Marcelo Ballve (@ballve).

Bloomberg. Eric Newcomer (@EricNewcomer) and Dina Bass (@dinabass) look into the big VC winners from Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub and cite CB Insights' report on the 10 largest VC-backed enterprise software exits.

I love you.


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The Blurb

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