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Hi there,

If you watched Shark Tank last night, for a quick minute, did you think Mark Cuban was going to smack Richard Branson? Woah.

Keep buying those lottery tickets

Last week, we talked about an angel investor who got lucky with an investment in Uber. He was selling the idea that others should become angel investors as a way to thrive given coming economic woes. He is the self-anointed GOAT of angel investing (GOAT = greatest of all time).

I'm reminded of this great XKCD comic which nicely summarizes this advice.

Healthcare Horizons

We just released our 94-page Healthcare Horizons report, which provides a look at the startups and technologies poised to have the greatest impact on healthcare.

Download it here for trends to watch from intelligent drug design to anti-aging therapies to blockchain-enabled hospitals, and more.

Never invest in an NYC restaurant

There is a great essay by Gary Cernovitz in The New Yorker entitled "The Thrill of Losing Money by Investing in a Manhattan Restaurant" (see The Blurb), and in it Cernovitz lays out the brutality of the business.

Read the essay. It's quite good. For angel investors in tech, do you see any parallels?

Apple in health care

We analyzed Apple’s strategy in the health space, the types of companies likely to be affected, and what some of its next moves might be.

We'll be digging into this topic more during our Apple in health care briefing tomorrow. You can still sign up here.

Saving physical retail

In a presentation first shown at the FT Future of Retail Summit 2017, CB Insights' senior intelligence analyst Zoe Leavitt dives into the ways tech startups are leveraging AI, IoT, virtual reality, and more to revive physical retail.

Building blocks

We identified 100+ startups working in construction tech, and categorized them into a market map spanning 13 key emerging categories and subcategories, including marketplaces, monitoring and safety, and design technologies.

The Industry Standard 

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Digital Journal. A look at blockchain startups focused on healthcare with a reference to CB Insights research on the subject.

China Daily. A look at Chinese companies valued at $1B+ with a reference to CB Insights unicorn data.

CNBC. Lora Kolodny (@lorakolodny) writes about startups like Juicero and Jawbone and references the CB Insights deep-dive on why hardware startups fail.

Happy Monday.

I love you.


P.S. We'll be diving into cybersecurity startups focused on industrial applications on October 5th. Join us for the briefing.

Healthcare Horizons: Startups and technologies poised to have the greatest impact on healthcare

In this report we take a look at cutting edge developments in healthcare, and the startups behind them that are just beginning to impact the world. Get the report.
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Can technology startups save brick-and-mortar stores?

A look at the ways tech startups are leveraging AI, IoT, virtual reality, and more to revive physical retail. See the video.
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Construction tech market map

The construction tech industry spans emerging categories such as collaboration software, marketplaces, and frontier tech applications. See the 100+ startups.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

3 paths in the tech industry. Michael Seibel (@mwseibel) outlines the pros/cons of being a founder, executive, and employee, and useful strategies for people in each role.
Y Combinator

Sell directly. Amit Karp (@amitkarp) says channel partners are typically better suited for later stage startups, and that early-stage startups should focus on selling directly.
Startups & Venture Capital

Welcome to the era of decentralization. Elizabeth Yin (@dunkhippo33) writes about why the 90's was impactful and shares thoughts on the next big shift.
Elizabeth Yin

My next task. Leah Busque (@labunleashed) on building a VC firm founders can trust.

New York restaurants. Gary Sernovitz shares his experience as an investor in the Manhattan restaurant scene.
The New Yorker
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