Fintech unicorn hunters. Facial recognition is here. Investments in healthcare AI.
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The 7 Industries Amazon Could Disrupt Next
Since 1999, Amazon's disruptive bravado has made “getting Amazoned” a fear for executives in any sector the tech giant sets its sights on. Here are the industries that could be under threat next.

The United States Of Venture Capital: The Most Active VC In Each State
Our map shows the top VC investing in tech companies in each state, from 500 Startups in California to Lerer Hippeau in New York.

17 Of The Biggest Startup Frauds Of All Time
Move fast and break things — it's the startup ethos. Here's what happens when it goes wrong.

Ribbit, A16Z Lead Fintech Unicorn Hunters

We rank top fintech investors by the number of fintech unicorns in their portfolios as well as the stage at which they first invested.

The Future Of Fashion: From Design To Merchandising, How Tech Is Reshaping The Industry
A look at the evolution of the fashion industry and where technology is taking it next, from AR/VR dressing rooms to temperature-changing fabrics and beyond.

 140+ Cybersecurity Companies Securing The Future Of Fintech In One Market Map
These startups are providing tools and services for complying with data security regulations, identifying fraudulent transactions, protecting financial enterprise networks, and more.

Global Fintech Report Q1 2019
A data-driven look at global financial technology investment trends, top deals, active investors, and corporate activity in Q1 2019.

Killing The I-Bank: The Disruption Of Investment Banking
Investment banking is seeing its historical profit centers eroded by technology and regulations. Core processes are being automated or commoditized. From IPOs, to M&A, to research and trading, investment banks are getting smaller, leaner, and scrambling to keep up with innovations.

 Where Smart Money VCs Are Placing Bets In Healthcare AI
Since 2012, 16 top VCs have made big bets on healthcare AI. We look at where these investments went and what they mean for the future of the $5.7T healthcare industry.

Like It Or Not Facial Recognition Is Already Here. These Are The Industries It Will Transform First
From screening patients for clinical trials to assessing the emotional state of drivers, we dive in to how facial recognition technology is shaping the future.


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