The state of travel tech. Nasdaq CEO. Amazon drone patent. 

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We announced the 2018 Artificial Intelligence 100 last month, and Fortune Magazine just did a great graphic and feature on the companies (see The Blurb for the article). 

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Planes, trains, and automobiles 

With travel tech startups seeing record investment in 2017, we look into the state of travel tech, from the sector's most active VCs to the steps online travel agencies are taking to stay relevant. 

The easy button

We've added a few enhancements to our Market Map Maker, including smart image positioning, which will help you make beautiful market maps faster (without spending all that time mindlessly positioning images). 

We're also making you look good in meetings with presentation mode, which allows you to more seamlessly present your maps to your colleagues. 

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Some consultant gibberish for you on this lovely Tuesday.

This one has all the key elements of any good framework.

Ideate ✔️ 
Empathize ✔️ 
Pivot ✔️
Iterate ✔️ 

Thanks to subscriber Nigel Barron for flagging this one for us.

Nasdaq chief to talk tech future

Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman will be joining us at The Future of Fintech.


Friedman’s already put her tech-driven strategy to work through acquisitions like Sybenetix (an AI player) and the $705M acquisition of analytics player eVestment.

She’ll also be the Nasdaq CEO who decides what to do about ICOs and other fintech disruptors. We look forward to hearing more from her about how she plans to drive Nasdaq into the future.

Join us for the conversation at the Future of Fintech. Get your ticket today.

Collision avoidance

A recently granted Amazon patent details technology that uses sensors and wireless communication to facilitate autonomous air control for drones. 

Reading recs

Morning Brew is a daily newsletter that covers a great assortment of business news, including a quick, digestible snapshot of the public markets and summaries of the top news from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.

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Truth tech

We rounded up 7 startups fighting fake news, from AI-powered fact-checking to blockchain-backed content distribution. 

A-ha! moments: GM & Cruise

In March 2016, GM bought autonomous car innovator, Cruise Automation, for north of $1B. A year and a half later, we wondered how the combination of the two was working out.

During a fireside chat with Bloomberg’s Sarah Frier at the CB Insights A-ha! Conference in December, Kyle Vogt, Co-founder & CEO of Cruise, said he’s gained an appreciation for how the blending of GM’s and Cruise Automation’s strengths adds up to a significant competitive advantage.

You can watch that part of their conversation here.

You can watch the full interview, or read more highlights from A-ha! here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Retail Dive. Daphne Howland (@daphnehowland) looks at what companies Walmart may be interested in buying and cites CB Insights' list of potential Walmart acquisition targets

Financial Times. Chloe Cornish (@ChloeNCornish) writes about agriculture tech funding trends and cites CB Insights funding data. 

VentureBeat. Anna Hensel (@ahhensel) on Techstars' new insurance tech accelerator, with a reference to CB Insights insurtech data

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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Thumbs up, thumbs down. A list of the best and worst brand names of 2017, as well as 3 naming trends for 2018. 
FastCo Design

Black market blockchain. The criminal underworld is dropping bitcoin in favor of another cryptocurrency designed to avoid tracking. 

Houston, we have a problem. A highly classified US spy satellite is reportedly missing following a SpaceX mission failure. 
Business Insider

Top hundred. Nicolas Rapp (@nick_rapp) and Brian O-Keefe (@brianbokeefe) visualize the CB Insights AI 100 —
the top startups shaping the artificial intelligence sector in 2018. 

Getting digits. A FedEx worker in Tennessee recently discovered the world's largest prime number, and it's 23 million digits long. 

The corporate BS generator. "Globally cloudify best-of-breed leadership." "Synergistically monetize cutting-edge potentialities." Etc. 
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