Top US banks. Expensive startup flops. Smart cities rising.

Time with families

Hi there,

So we're pre-Thanksgiving here in the US.  

I'm so proud that my people (the Indians) sat down with the Pilgrims back in the day and this became a tradition. #humbled #blessed

To prepare for this holiday, we are sharing some tips on how you can dominate your Thanksgiving conversations and also put your relatives on notice that you are clearly the smartest person in the fam.

But first, some freshly squeezed data.

You can take that right to the bank

The top 11 US banks by assets participated in 49 equity rounds to fintech startups this year, up from 19 rounds in 2017.

The increase can be attributed to high-upside returns and strategic partnerships.

We take a look at the top banks in the US and where they're placing their bets. Check it out here.


On this Thanksgiving eve, I wanted to share a thank you.

Recently, we noticed a few "competitors" taking out ads on the CB Insights name and throwing up pages that say "CB Insights alternatives."

TBH, it's a smart strategy.

I also like the fact that they're branding themselves as an alternative to us.

Their product/engineering teams copy stuff we build or the research we do. It forces us to raise our game and it's also flattering, tbh.

And as we approach Thanksgiving in the US, I wanted to say I'm thankful to have competitors like this.

Competitors that are so focused on us and who don't have enough original ideas of their own are truly a blessing.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Prime real estate

SoftBank has been investing aggressively in companies modernizing insurance and real estate since 2014. 

The average size of its Vision Fund-backed equity deals to insurtech and real estate startups is over $400M, and the Vision Fund has accounted for 8% of all deals by SoftBank Group in these areas since 2014.

We've mapped out where SoftBank is making moves in these industries. Check it out here.

 Unique, just like everyone else

CPG company Brandless has blown up over the past year, with $292M in disclosed funding.

But it's not the only startup using minimalist branding, D2C distribution, and organic products.

We compare Brandless and similar companies' pricing and product offerings. Expert Intelligence clients can check it out here.

Dinner table conversation starters

Our goal is to ensure you're the smartest person at your Thanksgiving dinner table.

And to also help you get out of conversations when they get awkward. 

So here it goes.

If the conversation shifts to politics, here’s a guide to help you facilitate a bipartisan conversation about how Blockchain could secure elections.

Never talk about money. But if the topic comes up, here's a guide to help you explain Stablecoins to the whole party.

The weather. Always a nice place to start. But, you may find yourself unsure of where to take the conversation after agreeing it’s cold outside. In this case, pivot to a discussion of how drones will impact weather forecasting (and 32 other areas of society).

Fake news. It'd be irresponsible not to prepare for this topic of conversation. Arm yourself with information on a few game-changing startups working on disinformation defense.

Expensive mistakes

We combed through our database to find the 153 most well-funded startups that ultimately failed or had an undesirable exit.

Common causes of going under include financial fraud, lawsuits, and a most-wanted founder.

Check them all out here.

Bright lights, smart city

The idea of smart cities has been around for decades, but progress towards making them a reality has been slow.

One obstacle is that certain "hotter" industries (like smart mobility) get more attention and funding than other less exciting functions (like energy grid management).

But startups are working on solutions and services in preparation for the cities of the future. We mapped out 100+ of them, from parking to water management to connectivity. Clients can see them all here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

New York Times. Nathaniel Popper (@nathanielpopper) writes about the rise of “neo-banks” and quotes CB Insights fintech analyst Lindsay Davis (@lcdavis1225).

Bloomberg. Alfred Liu (@alfredliuhk), Manuel Baigorri (@manubaigorri), and Crystal Tse (@crystalttc) report that digital wallet company TNG FinTech Group Inc. is planning a $300M IPO and cite CB Insights data.

Healthcare Dive. Meg Bryant discusses how blockchain technology could be used in healthcare and refers to CB Insights research.

I love you.


P.S. We were ranked #9 on Glassdoor's Best Places to Work this year. Know somebody who would be a good fit for CBI? Refer them to us and get $5K.

P.P.S. Use the code turkey to get $500 off for TRANSFORM. It's < 2 weeks away and we've got 11 tickets left.

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