Feeling pretty. AI is so hot right now. Amazon shushes drones.
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The Body Series: Disrupting Eye Healthcare
Are your eyes the window to your soul? Perhaps. And they're certainly a window to your health, offering insight into a host of diseases. We dive into the companies using tech to improve your vision. 

Venture Capital Funding Report Q3 2018
PwC and CB Insights' Q3 2018 MoneyTree report highlights the latest trends in venture capital funding globally.

Artificial Intelligence Deals Tracker: 5K Deals Across 25+ Industries In One Heatmap
We used the CB Insights platform to track AI deals across all industries, from healthcare and cybersecurity to mobility and logistics.

Healthcare In 2025
What might healthcare look like in the next decade? We look at different demographic, technological, and cultural shifts that are poised to change the landscape of healthcare in the next 10-15 years and where the opportunities might be.

How 60+ Startups Are Disrupting Retail And Commercial Banking Around The World
Variations on the digital challenger bank model championed in Europe are spreading globally with new entrants targeting niche customer pain points. Collectively this year, startups in our market map have raised over $1.7B in venture capital.

This Is How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Diabetes Care Management
The current diabetes epidemic is on track to affect 1 in 3 adults in the US by 2050. AI will be critical to identifying who's at risk and developing the most personalized treatment approach.

The Marketplace Threat: How CPG Companies Handle Amazon
Leading food companies have been willing to outsource their e-commerce businesses to Amazon, but the strategy brings long-term risks.

FaceCoin: Here’s What Facebook Could Build In Blockchain And Cryptocurrency
We look at major events, patents, and rumors to determine what Facebook may be up to in blockchain and digital currency.

From Halal Beauty To Medical Aesthetics: 5 Trends Shaping Beauty In Asia
From the spread of cosmetic surgery to the growth of products for Muslim consumers, the Asian beauty market is evolving. Here are the major trends and players shaping the future of the region's beauty market.

Amazon Patents Drone Chute For Quiet Deliveries
Amazon patents a new drone delivery feature to drop packages safely at a location from above, without making too much noise.

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