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Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian gave CBI's Meatless Future report a shoutout on Twitter. He is influential. You should be influenced by him. Hence, you should read the report here.

Money making money 

2018 was a banner year for fintech, with over 1,700 deals totaling nearly $40B. As the sector continues to grow, we rounded up what lies ahead for fintech in the coming year. 

From new payments tools to cutting-edge blockchain applications, here are the fintech trends to watch in 2019


Neurotech companies are working on tech for your brain, with applications like enhancing sleep, conducting medical research, and treating patients who've suffered brain injuries. 

We used CBI data to surface 21 early- and mid-stage neurotech companies you should know about. Check them out here

 Connect forty-five 

With some 45% of the world lacking internet access, companies from tech giants to startups are trying to bridge the gap, offering microsatellites, free Wi-Fi, airborne wireless networks, and more. 

We rounded up 9 companies working to provide internet access to the unconnected. Expert Intelligence clients can see them all here

Two more to the mix

Excited to announce two new speakers for the Future of Fintech (June 11-13, NYC):

  • Ellevest CEO/Co-founder Sallie Krawcheck (former Citigroup CFO)

  • Affirm CEO/Co-founder Max Levchin (member of the PayPal Mafia)

They join the already impressive lineup of 8 fintech unicorns. And there are (many) more to come.

Early-bird ticket rates end on January 31st (in 2 days). Get your ticket now. We're 104% ahead on ticket sales vs. last year, which suggests we'll sell out even earlier this year. 

Fintech crystal ball 

Our 2019 fintech trends report dives into Amazon's fintech strategy, the geographic markets where fintech is emerging, and what technology could be the next Alipay or WeChat Pay. 

Take a look into the future. Download the report.

Watch out American college grads

From the “They don’t F around in China” files, there is a new app in China that lets users see when they are in close proximity to people in debt.

You think that’s cool?

There’s more.

The app encourages users to report individuals if their spending habits suggest they’re capable of paying up. Boom.

It's not rocket science

Quantum computing is positioned to upend entire industries, from telecom and cybersecurity to finance and medicine. But how exactly does it work? 

As quantum computing gains traction, brush up on the tech in our explainer, What Is Quantum Computing?, where we lay out the different types of quantum computing, who's betting on it, and its applications across industries. 

 Making a splash 

As water scarcity becomes a rising global issue, startups are focusing on how water is sourced, distributed, and used. For example, agtech startup SWIIM System helps farmers determine water budgets based on factors like field water flow and underground water loss. 

Clients with Expert Intelligence access can view the full water tech market map here

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Forbes. Susan O'Brien (@_SusanOBrien) writes about how raising venture capital doesn't always translate to success and cites the PwC-CBI 2018 MoneyTree report.

Entrepreneur. Abdo Riani (@abdoriani) offers advice for evaluating your startup and refers to CB Insights' corporate innovation trends report

Reuters. Anna Irrera (@annairrera) discusses fintech's record year for funding and highlights CB Insights' recent fintech trends report.

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