Amazon shakes things up. Apple's big purchases. What is 5G?

Make haste

Hi there,

Two weeks to go and we are still adding amazing speakers to the Future of Fintech (June 11-13, NYC) lineup.

We’ve just added a conversation between:

  • Stripe CFO ($22.5B valuation) Will Gaybrick
  • Goldman Sachs’ former CIO & CFO and current co-head of Securities Marty Chavez

Maybe we’ll even get a sense for an IPO timeline?

Prices will go up on June 1, so get 'em now and use the code decacorn to save $500 until Friday.

Total cluster

Recently, we were working with a large global enterprise that told us that it had 8 different teams engaged with the same startup.


And it didn't even know until the startup clued it into this.

Beyond looking confused and disorganized, there was also:

  1. The time it wasted separately doing evaluations and diligence on this startup.
  2. The risk it was striking worse deals with the startup because the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. In reality, it wasn't completely aware of the value it was bringing to the startup.

While this was a particularly egregious case of a lack of knowledge sharing and information silos, it happens regularly in large enterprises.

Most of the time, it’s 3 separate groups talking to the same company. This is equally bad.

It is almost never intentional but is a function of a lack of systems to capture this type of knowledge.

We heard similar stories from so many clients, which is why I'm really excited about the enterprise work management solution the CB Insights team has been working on.  

If you’re in any of the below groups, it’s tailor made for you:

  1. Corporate innovation
  2. Corporate strategy
  3. Corporate VC
  4. Technology scouting
  5. Corporate M&A/corp dev
  6. Corporate partnerships & BD
  7. Digital transformation

If capturing this type of institutional knowledge, reducing duplication of effort, and speeding up enterprise decision-making would be valuable to you, I'd encourage you to sign up for early access.

Can't stop, won't stop

Getting "Amazoned" is one of the worst nightmares for execs in any sector the tech giant sets its sights on.

Amazon has steamrolled retail verticals from books to music to toys — what will it take on next?

We take a look at 7 industries Amazon will likely shake up in the next 5 years and beyond.

How do ya like them apples?

Apple has historically used M&A to enrich its dominant products, with its focus gradually shifting from its computer to its smartphone.

But where has the tech giant written the largest checks?

We mapped out Apple's largest acquisitions over the course of its history. Check it out here

What a steal

On the Dark Web, your social security number is only worth $1. Now you know.

 Sugar, how you get so fly?

Earlier this year, we identified 20 of the biggest trends in food & beverage to watch in 2019. Sugar reduction ranked as one of the most necessary.

We take a look at why sugar reduction matters and how companies are responding to the trend. Clients can download the report here.

Talkin' about my generation

In the next 10 years, the rise of connected devices will need networks to transmit huge sums of data in near real time — and the standard 4G wireless tech won't be sufficient.

But 5G could be. We explain how the next generation of wireless technology works, how it's transforming industries, and more. Read all about it here.

You down with H-O-P?

Remember that time IHOP changed its name? Well, it’s happening again.

This time the acronym will stay the same, but the P won’t stand for “pancakes.”

Any guesses on what it will be?

  • Pierogi?
  • Parmesan?
  • Possibility?
  • Pajamas?
  • Platform-as-a-Service?

 Picture this

Training autonomous vehicles is a complex, time-intensive task. To speed up the process, AV makers are relying on simulations to teach their vehicles how to respond to any given scenario.

We surfaced 5 notable early- to mid-stage startups that offer simulation software for AV developers and suppliers. Expert Intelligence clients can check them out here.

A word from our sponsor

Today’s booming digital landscape provides fintech businesses with exciting, newfound opportunities to engage consumers. But it can be difficult to cut through the noise and reach actual individuals.    

Zeta Global's permission-based Data Cloud and outcome-driven AI solution can help you harness marketing data to engage real consumers with interest and intent in market — so you can grow as fast as the industry.    

Want to connect with Zeta Global at Future of Fintech? Schedule a time here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Julie Verhage (@julieverhage) reports that fintech startup Plaid is expanding into the UK and references CB Insights’ Global Fintech Report.

Forbes. Elizabeth MacBride (@editoremacb) profiles Israeli cybersecurity startup Axonius and cites CB Insights data.

CNBC. Kate Rooney (@kr00ney) writes about robo-advisor Wealthfront’s recent raise in interest rate and quotes CB Insights senior fintech analyst Lindsay Davis (@lcdavis1225).

I love you.


P.S. Dear VCs — our enterprise work management platform is also perfect for venture dealflow management. Say hello to always fresh data and easy funnel reporting.

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

The truth is out there. Navy pilots reported encounters with unidentified flying objects in 2014-2015.
New York Times

Talking in your sleep. Smartphones feed data trackers while you sleep.
Washington Post

I’m the master of my fate. A euthanasia advocate has designed a “death pod” that would allow individuals to take control of the end of their lives.
Fast Company

You got dumped. Malaysia will reportedly send back 3,300 tons of non-recyclable plastics to the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

RIP piggy banks. In the digital age, parents and kids are using apps to track chores and allowances.
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