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The Fintech 250: The Top Fintech Startups Of 2018
The financial services industry is being transformed by insurgent startups. From capital markets to insurance and digital banking to wealth management, the Fintech 250 are among the most promising of these companies globally.

The Future of Aging? The New Drugs & Tech Working To Extend Life & Wellness
Senolytics. Blood transfusions. Placenta stem cells. These are just some of the innovative ways that startups are tackling mortality and increasing the human lifespan. In this report, we dive into each one and track what progress has been made in the quest to find the elusive fountain of youth.

Disrupting The CPG Industry: How Brands Can Adapt To The Future Of Packaged Goods
The types of products we buy and the ways we buy them are changing. Can traditional food, beauty, and personal care leaders adapt?

Beyond Gaming: 19 Industries AR/VR Is Poised To Transform
From real estate to the military to healthcare, startups are developing AR/VR applications across several areas.

Canada Venture Capital Q3 2018
PwC and CB Insights' Q3 2018 Canadian MoneyTree report highlights the latest trends in venture capital funding in Canada.

 Facebook’s Likely Cybersecurity M&A: 14 Companies The Social Network Could Acquire Next
Following a series of breaches and ongoing fake news challenges, Facebook needs to repair its image and improve security. We look at potential acquisition targets that could help.

Point-Of-Sale Lending Gains Momentum As Millennials Shun Credit Cards
Point-of-sale lending startups have seen a recent spike in funding. Here are the top players to watch.

 Hey, Google: What Patents Reveal About The Tech Giant’s Conversational AI Plans
From identifying songs you may like to analyzing Google Sheets in simple English, we take a look at some of Google’s conversational AI patent applications.

30 Corporate Innovation Labs In Finance
Some of the biggest names in finance are creating fintech innovation labs to solve the most pressing challenges faced by banks, merchants, and consumers.

 New Brands Or New Technologies? Where Major Food Companies Are Investing
Big food companies have become more active in the startup world since 2015, investing in emerging CPG brands, new technologies, and sometimes — both.

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