Everybody knows your face. What is blockchain? Research for the earth.

The final countdown

Hi there,

In 2014, I wrote this post on 54 screwups of a startup CEO.  

We were less than 30 people then, and are now ~250.

It’s been interesting to see and reflect on the new mistakes I’ve made as the organization has scaled.

There is not a lot out there about the challenges of scaling a company in what might be described as the teenage years.

There is a lot about early childhood (the startup phase) and a ton about adulthood (the giant megacorp phase), but not a lot in the middle.

Anything you’ve read about this phase that you’d recommend?

So about the Coachella of Fintech...

There is someone for everyone at the Future of Fintech (June 11-13, NYC). The guest list is insane and keeps growing by the minute. We’re down to only 9 tickets left and all discount codes expire EOD tomorrow.

If you’re planning to attend, better sign up now. This is your last chance to save $500 with code nomorechances.

You look familiar

Facial recognition is picking up steam — and controversy. San Francisco, for example, recently banned the tech from being used in law enforcement.

But with major corporations across a wide range of industries exploring the tech, it could soon play a much bigger role in our everyday lives.

From travel to shopping to fast food, we take a look at 30+ US companies testing facial recognition.

The future of romance

The next big thing in dating is carbon neutral relationships.

Remind me what that is again?

Blockchain technology has Wall Street banks, IT organizations, and consultants buzzing. It has potential to disrupt virtually every industry, from banking to real estate to law enforcement.

But what exactly is blockchain? If you're still unclear, don't be embarrassed. Just read our explainer here.

Name change = game change

Remember when restaurants tried to make Freedom Fries a thing? Well now the US Department of Energy is trying a similar strategy by rebranding fossil fuels as “molecules of US freedom.”

So remember, the Earth isn’t warming up because of greenhouse gases — it’s just the heat of freedom.

 Focus inward

Most startups and corporates working on automotive perception tech have focused on sensors for the vehicle's exterior to help it respond to its surroundings.

Now they're starting to use the technology inside the vehicle to monitor driver behavior and passenger health. We take a look at which companies are jumping on the trend. Clients can read about it here

Read our research, save the planet

Today is World Environment Day, which aims to raise awareness about how we can protect the planet.

We wrote about how the fashion and meat industries
 two of the biggest contributors to climate change  are using tech to become more sustainable. Check them out here:

Orange Fiber

Clients can also check out:

 Prepare for launch

Launching a fintech startup is easier than ever thanks to a surge in B2B infrastructure development.

From KYC to cross-border payments to API search, we've mapped out 60+ companies breaking down barriers to entry for fintech startups. 

Expert Intelligence clients can see them all here.

A word from our sponsors

Learn why Broadridge Financial chose Mattermost for secure team messaging.

Like many financial institutions, Broadridge Financial is modernizing its application portfolio to deliver great customer experiences. Mattermost has helped Broadridge to increase developer productivity, resulting in faster development cycles.

Mattermost is the secure, open source alternative to Slack. Many of the world’s largest financial institutions use Mattermost for team messaging and secure collaboration.

Want to meet a Mattermost DevOps Messaging expert at the Future of Fintech? Set up a 1:1 here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Fortune. Clay Chandler (@claychandler) discusses China’s transition to a cashless society and references CB Insights’ Global Fintech Report.

Nasdaq. Lucas Hahn lists pros and cons of buying CVS Health stock and refers to CB Insights research.

Glossy. Priya Rao (@prao11) writes about what Target’s expansion of its private label men’s fashion brand means for competitors and quotes CB Insights senior CPG analyst Thomas Sineau (@tsineau).

I love you.


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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Somebody’s watching me. The FBI reportedly has access to around 640M photographs (including drivers licenses, passports, and mugshots) that can be searched with facial recognition tech.

Stamps & checks. A former Wall Street lawyer is behind a plan that would let the post office provide banking services to people without bank accounts.
Wall Street Journal

Food swamps. Drug stores are selling more food items than major grocers, causing researchers to worry that food “deserts” are becoming processed food “swamps.”
The Guardian

Take a hike. There are many apps, trackers, and vlogs for long-distance hiking — are they making the activity more accessible, or ruining it for everyone?
Sierra Club

Just like the old days. Dating app Bumble is opening a cafe and wine bar that will serve “date-friendly” food.
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