Corporates can't innovate. Companies talk GDPR. AI pays big. 

All talk, no walk

Hi there,

Corporations like to talk about innovation.

They're not particularly effective at it.

More here.

Do you remember the time?

We once cataloged all the terrible cold emails we received after we raised funding and found 93.9% were garbage.

We found recruiters were the #1 senders of garbage emails.

More bad recruiter emails below for your viewing pleasure.

No new things

We surveyed 677 corporate strategy leaders across all major industries to see what the best innovators are doing — and the biggest mistakes the laggards are making.

We found that corporations say they care about innovation, but focus more on continuous innovation instead of new products and services.  

Check out all our data-driven insights in the State of Innovation report.

So smart but can't find our jobs page

This is my favorite type of recruiter email. 

In today's episode, an MIT-educated patent holder couldn't find our jobs page.

Lose my number

Data privacy is center stage this week with the EU’s GDPR set to go into effect this Friday. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spoke to an EU panel earlier this afternoon and discussed the new regulations. 

It’s not the first time Facebook has discussed the law. We look at what Facebook and others have been saying about GDPR on earnings calls — and who's been staying silent. 

I've got no idea what you do

In this installment of terrible recruiter emails, we get the message below.

In good news, he knows Perl, HTML, and I hear he's really skilled with MS Office.


The food and beverage market is evolving, but still mostly belongs to a handful of companies that are racing to stay ahead of consumer trends. See which companies own the grocery store here.

AI is so hot right now 

As the artificial intelligence space heats up, valuations are skyrocketing. But that’s not all — companies are also shelling out hefty premiums for AI talent. 

Our partners at Radford discuss how employers should approach new AI hires and more in the guest post. Check it out here.


Did you miss me? 

Yesterday's client-only note covered:

  • Bank of America's conversational banking moves and what they mean for startup virtual assistants
  • Consumer electronics failures from May and why they happened
  • This company could be the next big M&A in online grocery
  • PayPal kills a fintech IPO
  • Sports betting M&A 
  • SoftBank's Vietnam problem
  •  The new king of pizza 
  •  The most active energy utility investor might surprise you

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Thoughts vs. thought leaders

A world-class speaker lineup is nice, but drawing out a speaker’s best thoughts is all about the quality of the moderator questions.

That’s why we’re super choosy with moderators at Future of Fintech. This year’s program is all one-on-one, fireside chat-style sessions with top-tier journalists who get straight to the substance.

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The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Wall Street Journal. Natalia Drozdiak (@nat_droz) discusses the boom in privacy tech in preparation for GDPR, and cites CB Insights’ Regtech 101 report.

Barron’s. Teresa Rivas analyzes the winners and losers in the retail apocalypse and uses CB Insights’ Sephora Teardown as an example of a bright spot in retail.

Financial Times. Louise Lucas (@louiseflucas) breaks down the top-heavy tech ecosystem in China and cites CB Insights data.

I love you.


P.S. Last Friday's client note question about Milli Vanilli got the most responses of any client note ever. If you'd like to discuss tech, M&A multiples, and amazing 80s music, you should become a client. Also, let me know what your favorite Milli Vanilli song is after checking out the client note.  

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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Stay hungry. Amazon’s Whole Foods acquisition gives greater insight into how the company plans to dominate the entire retail sector.

$$$. There are 143 tech billionaires in the world averaging $6B in wealth (versus $3.3B for non-tech billionaires). Half of these tech barons live in Silicon Valley.

Ex troubles. Theranos' founder Elizabeth Holmes has received much attention for the company's downfall, but others involved deserve similar scrutiny.
Wall Street Journal

Presidential. Netflix recently announced a deal with former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama to produce films and documentaries for streaming in order to “promote greater empathy.”
New York Times

Closing time. Raden founder Josh Udashkin discusses what exactly led to the death of the smart luggage startup.  
Fast Company

Scoot over. Lyft is reportedly in talks to launch a fleet of electric scooters in San Francisco, joining four other scooter startups on increasingly crowded sidewalks.
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