Bad data viz. eSports startups to watch. Top renewable energy deals.
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That's a lot of pie slices

Hi there,

Been a while since we've featured bad data viz. 

This one summarizes how 243% of baby boomers describe themselves.

Mall moves

We looked at six of the largest mall groups and retail REITs and analyzed their non-real estate investments, categorized according to their core business function. Simon Property Group (SPG) has made a combined 24 unique investments or acquisitions via the SPG parent company or its CVC (Simon Ventures) since 2012.

Win some, lose some

Last Monday, we talked about Juicero and its violation of the Jobs Rule.

Several of you wrote in saying our writeup was excessively critical of the startup and founders.

On Thursday, we talked about the vending machine startup Bodega and Andrew Ng's 70-90 hour work week expectations at his new startup.

Several of you wrote saying we're not being critical enough of these startups and their founders.

I'm glad that is settled.

eSports startups to watch

We surfaced 10 notable, early-stage eSports startups developing technologies related to competitive gaming facilitated by electronic systems, particularly video games played on computers or consoles by professional gamers.

These technologies range from the development of competitive games to media outlets providing eSports coverage, among others. A full list can be found in our eSports collection on the CB Insights platform.

The Next Big Thing

A look at the research coming out of universities, corporate R&D teams, and government research labs that CB Insights thinks you should know about.
Bionic Charlotte’s Web: Could Spiders Produce The Next Super-Strong Material?
High Levels Of This Tap Water Element Could Help Prevent Dementia

Renewed interest

We rounded up the top 10 largest equity deals to the Indian renewables space from 2012 to 2017 year-to-date. The largest equity round went to ReNew Power Ventures, which raised a $265M private equity round in Q4’15.


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Not sure who to follow on Twitter

Here are the 100 most active Tweeters in a handy pie chart.

The Industry Standard 

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Mario Parker (@mariodparker) writes about Bayer AG joining with hedge-fund giant Viking Global Investors to invest in agtech, and refers to CB Insights data on Series A rounds.

The Washington Post. Elizabeth Dwoskin (@lizzadwoskin) on legal startup Atrium with a reference to CB Insights funding data.

Business Insider. A look at Amazon's biggest acquisitions with a reference to CB Insights research on the subject.

Happy Monday.

I love you.


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With Death Of Retail Looming, Mall Owners Look To Private Markets

Corporate investment from big mall owners into non-real estate companies is concentrated among a few big players. Read about it.
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Early-stage eSports startups to watch

eSports startups are transforming the way games are created, data is collected, and content is shared. See the startups.
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The Top 10 Deals To Renewable Energy Startups In India

As India turns to renewable energy to help support its population of over 1.3 billion, several startups in the sector have seen mega-deals worth $100M+. See the list.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

The customization curve. Aaron Harris (@harris) says the goal is to find a level of customization that keeps customers happy without incurring support costs 
that would kill your company.
Y Combinator

SaaS operating and valuation benchmarks. Seth Levine (@sether) on how to value your SaaS company.

Will the last VC please turn out the lights? David Siegel (@pullnews) on innovation, token sales, and more.

Innovation. Steve Blank (@sgblank) on why innovation flounders at established companies.
Think Growth
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