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McRib = prosperity

Hi there,

Yesterday’s critique of corporate accelerators didn’t go over so well with people who sell corporations on the idea of launching a corporate accelerator.


We’re going to be sharing some exclusive research at TRANSFORM (Dec 4-5th) on the efficacy of corporate accelerators, so if you want an evidence-driven view into them, come by.  

Use the code truth for $500 off here.

It's hip to be Square

Payment company Square reported its quarterly earnings today, and its revenue exceeded analysts' expectations.

Square launched 9 years ago as a way for your favorite food truck to accept credit cards. Now it's growing into a full-service financial provider.

Our new Square Strategy Teardown digs into the company's financials, approach to reach long-term profitability, and more. Read it here.

The key to the stock market

There is a great article in The Blurb today on why understanding causality is so difficult.

It talks about a crazy scam run by an investment firm, and it also has the below amazing graph which shows that the market does better when the McDonald’s McRib is available.


Close to the edge

Faster data processing isn't just a luxury — it's sometimes the difference between life and death. 

Autonomous vehicles, for example, often have to be able to respond to their surroundings immediately to operate safely.

Edge computing makes that possible. We break down how the technology works and how it's being used across multiple industries. Check it out here.

 All I need is a pair of wheels

Electric bikes and scooters are transforming mobility in the US and around the world, with investors pouring record levels of funding into the technology.

We take a look at 30+ bike and scooter tech startups changing the way people get around. Clients can see them all here.

Humbition — no, no, no

It’s easy to find articles and research that say humility is the most important quality in a good leader.

It’s much harder to find a humble leader.

Harvard Business Review says this is partially because leaders think it’s impossible to be humble and ambitious at the same time.

Check out the full article in The Blurb.

My only gripe with the article is the use of the word “humbition.” Let’s not make this a thing.

Not your parents' fast food

Fast food and casual dining aren't going anywhere — but they are transforming.

New restaurant concepts are redefining how we think about food, and forcing established players in the space to change up their game.

From sushi kiosks to lab meat to pizza robots, we dive into 11 new concepts reinventing fast food and casual dining.

Google CEO’s moonshots

Schmidt Futures is the investment vehicle of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Using a combination of grants, gifts, and investments, one of its primary goals is to help drive the digital transformation of society.

It's doing some really interesting work and taking some unconventional approaches as well.

So I’m excited that Tom Kalil, the Chief Innovation Officer at Schmidt Futures, is joining us at TRANSFORM.  

One of his priorities at the firm is to identify and pursue 21st century moonshots.

Tom previously served in the White House for two Presidents (Obama and Clinton), helping to design and launch national science and technology initiatives in areas such as nanotechnology, the BRAIN initiative, data science, materials by design, and robotics, among others.

To hear about the moonshots that Tom and Schmidt Futures are pursuing, join us at TRANSFORM.

Use the code moonshot for $500 off through Friday.

 Add this to your résumé

Human Resources is going digital. The world of HR tech startups is growing substantially, and funding to these companies is back on the rise after a two-year slump. 

From AI applicant matching to the gig marketplace to employee education, we take a look at 135+ notable startups transforming HR. Clients can see them here.

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The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Glossy. Emma Sandler (@emmasandler) writes about Google Home Hub’s partnership with Sephora and refers to CB Insights research.

Forbes. Matthew Lieberman (@mblieberman) discusses how businesses could use AI and AR technology and cites CB Insights research.

Nikkei Asian Review. Kentaro Iwamoto (@kentaro_iwamoto) reports that Hyundai and Kia are investing in ride-hailing startup Grab and cites CB Insights data.

I love you.


P.S. Tomorrow we'll be digging into the personalization of CPG. Register for the briefing here.

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Give us the McRib. The McRib Effect illustrates why it’s so hard to understand causality.
Of Dollars and Data

Humble pie. Research says that humility is the most important quality in a good leader — so why are so many leaders arrogant?
Harvard Business Review

Swag is a mindset. Promotional products companies have a big opportunity to redesign themselves as ethical brands.
Fast Company

Tap tap tap. New York City’s MTA plans to adopt “contactless” cards next year.

Too long; didn’t watch. Short video clips are taking up around 9% of Chinese people’s online time, worrying its internet giants.

Who says print is dead? Amazon will mail out millions of toy catalogs complete with QR codes this holiday season.
The Verge
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