The future of meat. Smart money VCs. What if there is no point of sale?
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What Is Quantum Computing?
Quantum computing is poised to upend entire industries from telecommunications and cybersecurity to advanced manufacturing, finance, medicine, and beyond — but few understand how quantum computers actually work.

The United States Of Startups: The Most Well-Funded Tech Startup In Every US State
Our map infographic shows the top tech startups in every US state, as determined by funding totals. Companies include Uber, Magic Leap, DraftKings, and Vox Media.

Our Meatless Future: How The $90B Global Meat Market Gets Disrupted
Will a meatless food industry featuring lab-grown meat, seafood substitutes, and insect protein be the future of food? Food giants from Tyson to Cargill are working to navigate a future where protein isn't dominated by traditional animal sources.

Venture Capital Funding Report 2018
PwC and CB Insights' Q4 2018 MoneyTree report highlights the latest trends in venture capital funding globally.

Enterprise IT Trends In 2019
An analysis of emerging enterprise IT trends using the CB Insights NExTT framework.

The Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail
From lack of product-market fit to disharmony on the team, we break down the top 20 reasons for startup failure by analyzing 101 startup failure post-mortems.

 Where Smart Money VCs Are Placing Bets In Fintech
From lending and insurance to blockchain and real estate, here's where top VCs are investing in fintech.

Apple Is Going After The Healthcare Industry, Starting With Personal Health Data
The market opportunity in healthcare is huge, and Apple sees healthcare and wellness as a core part of its app, services, and wearables strategies. Now the company is aiming to become your personal health record, jumping into research, medical devices, and more.

 The Future Of Payments: The Point-Of-Sale Device Of Tomorrow Is No Device At All
Brick-and-mortar retailers could transition to completely digital points of sale, providing more convenient shopping experiences and increasing conversion.

How Blockchain Could Disrupt Insurance
Insurance giants and startups alike are attempting to use blockchain technology to prevent insurance fraud, digitally track medical records, and more.


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