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Monday = bad dataviz day

Hi there,

Been a while since we've featured bad dataviz.

And you all have been sending us lots of them.

So we'll start the week off with some #uglydataviz including this one. 

First rule of pie charts: try not to use them
Second rule of pie charts: if you use them, slice them like you slice pie

AI and 10 million unemployed

Artificial intelligence is coming after jobs, from retail workers to restaurant servers.

Our report highlights 10 million jobs at high risk of automation in the coming years.

And that's just in the US alone.

Food service jobs are at the highest risk, but as the report reveals, the risks are broad-based.

The societal unrest this will unleash will be massive. How will we handle this?

381% agree

Not only does this pie chart add up to 381% but all the slices are blue. Lovely.

Stash cash

One of the fastest-growing fintech startups in the US today is Stash Invest, or Stash. Stash has had early success targeting millennials, who are typically skeptical of investing.

We analyze Stash's approach and how it's growing users in our full Stash report

Expert Automation

The impacts of AI will not just be felt by those in blue collar jobs.

A new class of Expert Automation & Augmentation Software (EaaS pronounced /
ēz/) is on track to replace white collar jobs in areas like law (automatic document analysis and auditing), media (AI-based news curation and summaries), software development (early development phase and debugging), and even consulting.

In our AI job displacement report, we also discuss the growing wave of EaaS software applications targeting experts including some of those targeting the legal industry.

A consultant framework or roller coaster?

We're not sure where to begin on this.

Lots of iterating going on. And the best part is there no end to this ride. You just keep going round and round. 

When a consultant throws some of this nonsense in front of you, end the engagement immediately.


Cheetos lip balm sounds amazing

Product innovation is one way that large corporations stay competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace, but it doesn’t always work out when big brands attempt innovation.

From the Facebook Phone to the Ford Pinto to Cheetos lip balm, we've rounded up 110 corporate innovations that should never have seen the light of day

The Industry Standard 

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

CoinTelegraph. Ben Dickson (@bendee983) on how big data and AI are changing online lending, with a reference to the CB Insights AI in fintech market map.

MedCity News. A look at blockchain companies with a reference to CB Insights research on industries that blockchain could transform.

Happy Monday.

I love you.


P.S. On Thursday, we're digging into the future of fitness tech, from funding trends to startups to watch. Sign up for the briefing

AI will put 10 million jobs at high risk — more than were eliminated by the great recession

Automation is coming after jobs, from fast food workers to accountants. We analyzed which jobs are most — and least — at risk. See the full analysis
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Analyzing Stash Invest: The millennial-focused investing app on track to reach 1 million users in 2 years

The savings and brokerage app has raised over $75M from investors including Coatue Management, Breyer Capital, and Valar Ventures in two years. Check it out.
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When corporate innovation goes bad — the 110 biggest product failures of all time

From the DeLorean and New Coke to the Newton and Google Glass, here's a list of the biggest product flops from corporate giants. See the list
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The Blurb

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Curiosity, expertise, passion. Steve Schlafman (@schlaf) on the qualities of a great VC.

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