The new reality. FarFetch's $5B IPO. Blockchain spreads the data love.

Europe — sad trombone sound

Hi there,

A while back, we asked you to vote on where the biggest startup tech companies will come from in the next decade.

Here are the results, which are not all that surprising.

Some notes:

  • Yes — we realize the US vs. Asia is not an apples-to-apples comparison

  • Europe getting just 8% of the vote is in line with expectations

  • There were some votes for Africa and South America added to the poll. Both are undoubtedly large markets and will generate some big winners, but thinking that the biggest technology companies of the next decade will come from either is wishful thinking

Democratizing data

Accessing the massive datasets necessary to develop AI applications — like Facebook's facial recognition algorithm that auto-tags new photos — can be a huge challenge for companies.

Blockchain startups want to make the process easier. We take a look at 7 cryptonetworks exploring ways to match users offering data with projects that need it. Check them out here.

 Clouds in Uber's coffee

Uber's dream of autonomous vehicles made sense when the company was young, private, and trying to make the case for this future massive market to investors. But that's not the case anymore.

In yesterday's client note, we talked about why it's time for Uber to put its autonomy dreams to rest. Clients can read it here.

Cuz we care

Below are some great rules about passwords and underwear.

This was sent in by a newsletter subscriber who wanted to remain anonymous, likely for fear of people wondering what he was Googling that made him stumble upon this.

Shop from home

Walmart wants to bring its stores to you. The company's new patent filings describe a virtual reality headset paired with sensor-laden gloves that would allow customers to shop in a virtual store.

We take a closer look at the patents and how the system would work here.

Stating the obvious

Thanks to Joe Mahavuthivanij for sending this one in.

That is so fetch

Yesterday, luxury e-commerce marketplace FarFetch filed to go public. The company is shooting for an IPO that would value it at $5B. Is this a stretch?

We previously discussed why that $5B valuation might not be so far-fetched

 Crack the code

Companies across nearly every industry are collecting and monetizing users' personal data. In return, they have to protect that data and make sure only authorized users can access it.

It's a big challenge, so startups are cropping up to help out. We take a look at 6 young companies using AI and advanced encryption tech to keep your data safe. Clients can check them out here.

Life after smart phones

As people look for more immersive data experiences, the modern day smartphone won't quite cut it. 

Enter mixed reality.

This technology merges the real and virtual worlds, and isn't confined to handheld mobile screens. It's already becoming a mainstream concept, having seen a huge increase in media attention since last year.

We dig into how it works and where it could take us.

Looking for a new gig?

Some of our friends are hiring:

So freaking fast...

Rizal Hamdallah, head of Tyson Innovation Lab, took the company’s Yappah healthy snack idea from concept to minimal viable product in 6 months. In the food biz, that’s lightspeed.

He’ll join us at TRANSFORM (Dec 4-5, NYC) to share how Tyson pulled this off.

TRANSFORM is for growth-focused executives from companies with $1B+ in revenue. Ticket prices go up September 7. Buy yours here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

FTC. Rebecca Kelly Slaughter (@rkslaughterftc) gives remarks on security and transparency in IoT technology and refers to CB Insights research.

Forbes. Michael Helmstetter (@mfhelmstetter) discusses the future of animal health and cites CB Insights research.

Entrepreneur. Ott Jogi (@ottjogi) talks about the pros and cons of electric scooters and quotes CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal (@asanwal).

I love you.


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P.P.S. On August 28, we'll be discussing banks in fintech. Sign up for the briefing here.

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Try something new. Researchers are looking into using CRISPR technology to develop new antidepressants.
Washington University Medicine

Cobble cobble. There’s a long history behind Birkenstocks’ rise to coolness.
The Cut

Pillow fight. Startups are duking it out for dominance in America’s $29B mattress industry.
Fast Company

Get on board. California is considering setting quotas for women on boards.

Facing the future. A 21-year-old woman is the youngest person in the US to have a face transplant.
National Geographic

Under the sea. Scientists used AI to identify and analyze heat-resistant coral reefs in Indonesia, which could be important to global warming research.
The Guardian
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