D2C success stories. Unicorn baby pictures. Faster pay cycles?

Exiting the lexicon

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Thankfully, the use of the phrase “fake news” by public company execs on earnings calls is already on the decline.

They're heeeere

Our research team picked 100 of the most promising startups providing hardware and data infrastructure for AI applications, optimizing machine learning workflows, and using AI to tackle challenges across 12 industries.

You can see them all in our third annual AI 100.

How do you do it?

A wave of new direct-to-consumer companies is changing how people shop for everything from shaving cream to sneakers. 

From Allbirds to Glossier to Barkbox, we take a look at 12 of the most successful D2C companies and the secrets to their growth.

Save $500 on Future of Fintech

Yesterday we opened nominations for our Future Unicorn stage at this year’s Future of Fintech (June 11-13, NYC).

Here’s what to expect on Stage 2, aka Up Next:

  • 20+ talks from a curated list of "future unicorns" on their way to $1B+ valuations

  • Interviews with VC partners on the fintech trends they’re watching

  • In-depth conversations with fintech execs and product managers on what they’re building and how they’re acquiring, retaining, and monetizing customers

Given there will be 3 stages this year plus a full-floor 1:1 lounge, many attendees are bringing colleagues to ensure they can cover it all. You can now get group tickets and save up to $2100.

Or save $500 off a single ticket with code futureunicorn.

 Just got paid

As consumer and business preferences shift toward tech-first digital payments, fintech companies are looking to address how people will pay — and get paid — in the future.

We take a look at how speeding up the payroll process could change how consumers bank, pay their bills, and more. Clients can read about it here.


Feeling nostalgic

A key step on the path to becoming a unicorn company is nailing a pitch to early potential investors, recruits, and customers.

From LinkedIn to YouTube to Uber, we compiled the early pitch decks of 15 unicorns. Check them out here.

No sensors needed

Can your Apple Watch do this?

I know that face

The top two most well-funded AI companies, SenseTime and Face++, are both from China and focus on facial recognition tech.

Want to know more about the most promising startups using AI across industries? Check out the new AI 100.

 Disruption, but make it fashion

Fast fashion had a tough year in 2018, but online fashion brands are thriving.

From customizable shoes to activewear to plus-size clothing, we take a look at 80+ companies using the internet to shake up the fashion world.

Clients can see them all here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Forbes. Jeff Kauflin (@jeffkauflin) profiles 50 payments companies to watch in 2019 and refers to CB Insights research.

The Guardian. Adeyemi Adepetun reports that fintech companies raised $39.6B last year and references CB Insights research.

Becker’s Hospital Review. Jessica Kim Cohen (@jessicakimcohen) discusses AI trends in healthcare in 2019 and cites CB Insights research.

I love you.


P.S. On February 21, we'll be discussing AI trends to watch in 2019. Register for the briefing here.

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Take it to the grave. The founder of Canada’s crypto exchange died suddenly, taking the password to the company’s digital vault with him.
Fast Company

Cage-free. The creator of Instagram’s @world_record_egg revealed his identity and his plans for the egg.
New York Times

The first of its kind. PG&E plans to file for bankruptcy after being overwhelmed by California’s severe drought and wildfires. It is the first corporate victim of climate change.
Wall Street Journal

It’s not all “party, party, party.” A version of ketamine, traditionally thought of as a party drug, is likely to be approved for treating depression and suicidal thinking this year.

Old dog, new tricks. Some of the country’s oldest media properties are finally joining the 21st century with the success of digital subscriptions.

Something new. The latest batch of emojis will include people with hearing aids, mechanical arms and legs, a waffle, a flamingo, and more.
The Verge
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