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CERES Fair Food Newsletter #9
Fair Food the movie.
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It's been a busy couple of months with a lot happening at Fair Food, so without delay, lets get into it...
As you know we have been expanding our range and adding lots of super-healthy organic products to the shop.  We are keeping a careful eye on our buying policy and only stocking well crafted, 'local as possible' products made by passionate people who put love into what they create (Mount Zero, Loving Earth, Loafer & Love Chai all spring to mind). We think we are starting to have most bases covered in terms of range, however there is one obvious exception..dairy.  The good news is that this is about to change and in the next few weeks we will be adding Organic milk, cheese, yogurt, tofu & butter to the mix - hurrah! If there are any independent, preferably Victorian, artisan dairy products you think we should stock then please get in touch and let us know.

Another addition is to our Bath & Body section. We had always planned to be able to offer 'bath milk' in all its glory but finding a suitable supplier has until now been a problem. Finally this is about to become a reality and we are excited to announce that next month Ruby Hills certified Biodynamic Bath Milk will be available in our store. Ruby Hills is an Organic/Bio-dynamic Farm owned and operated by the Paul family of Fish Creek, Gippsland. The farm is home to about 80 cows who roam over 250 acres of pristine, lush pasture which has been organic for over 30 years. The Paul family are "passionate about nourishing, whole, unprocessed food" and they tell us that their farm, the animals, and the generous produce of those animals, is treated with love and respect.  Ruby Hills is Bio-dynamic, which is to say that it is "a step beyond organic - it enhances the microorganisms in the soil by using specific Bio-dynamic preparations". The Paul's cows have 24/7 access to an abundance of nutrient-rich green grass, herbs and occasionally fermented silage. That's it, nothing else added.

The milk is going to be hand bottled and delivered directly to Fair Food, so keep an eye out for Ruby Hills Bath Milk (not for consumption) and more dairy in the coming weeks..
Amy and Nick Paul
Amy and Nic Paul of Ruby Hills Farm, Gippsland, Vic.

Refer a friend / 4thboxfree
We always envisioned Fair Food growing naturally without having to rely on expensive advertising and the like. Our members have done a fine job when it comes to spreading the good word about the service. We appreciate this and want to give you a little something back in return. So we've come up with a way to help reduce your weekly grocery bill, help our farmers, promote Fair Food  and give your friends a chance get some free grub - all at the same time.
Here's how is works..
  • You refer some friends to Fair Food
  • Some of your friends commit to buying 3 or more boxes (they can pay weekly)
  • You get $10 credited to your account
  • They get their 4th box completely FREE (this is only available to customers who have never ordered)
  • Lots of happy members, farmers etc..
So, say 10 friends sign-up, well then that's $100 credited to your account. Interested? then go to and read on...

Fair Food the Movie
Well you didn't ask for it but you got it...nearly three minutes of it.  The inaugural Fair Food promo video I mean.  It's a video you might choose to share on Facebook or send to a friend (see 4thbox free offer) as a plain old-fashioned link in an email.  At least now when people ask you why you are carrying that box you can direct them to this short film all about Fair Food. In the coming weeks you will notice more of these vignettes popping up on the website, here to give you the information on where your food comes from and the inspirational (and humble) characters who produce it. Big thanks to Chris Grosse of Scout Films who crafted the video (and managed to make us look almost half coherent:)
You can view it here if you so wish

'Fair Food Hero of the Month'

Most of us at Fair Food have other vocations too. We are musicians, artists, consultants, farmers and some are even training to be circus performers (Alicia).  This month we would like to give Nick Jouin, one of our dedicated drivers the honor of Fair Food Hero of the month.  Nick is a very charming chap with an exotic French accent, who along with our other excellent drivers, also delivers your food boxes each week, rain or shine.  Nick's other passion and heroic claim is that he loves nothing better than teaching people how to make buildings and structures out of low-cost, eco-friendly and abundant materials - i.e. sand.  Nick and his partner Mina, are Earth Bag building designers and consultants.  Soon, they will be running a workshop that can teach anyone how build these easy-on-the-eye, durable structures that look like they from the set of a Star Wars film.. See here for more info

New Food Hosts
There have been an abundance of good people stepping forward to volunteer their time to become a Food Hosts for Fair Food.  So a big WELCOME to Aaron (Ivanhoe), Mel (Footscray), Amanda (Yarraville), Maxine (East Ivanhoe), Matt (Social Roasting Company/Cafe, Flemington), Anne-Marie (Brighton), Lauren (St Kilda East), Scott at Readings Book Store (St Kilda)

Thats it, thanks and be back next month..
Team Fair Food

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