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Free Online Ghost Story

Here's a link to a free online ghost story by Nancy Thayer:

Gothicked Blog

Thanks to gothic romance author Lisa Greer for the above link posted on her Gothicked blog for those interested in gothic romance novels. She regularly posts reviews of gothic romance novels and movies on her blog, and she often has contests where you may win gothic romances just by posting a comment on her blog. Lisa writes traditional gothic romances, often with a ghost, in the tradition of Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart.

Library Journal

You can get the Library Journal email subscription for free and, among many, many other things they have the "PREPUB ALERT", including lengthy lists of romance titles. Check it out. Even M/M romance. Here's link to subscribe:

Gothic Romance Novel Sources

Here are some sources for e-books that properly categorize and allow searches for gothic romance novels: SmashWords and FictionWise.  
At, if you choose "Advanced Search, then  "Fiction," and enter "Gothic Romance," you'll be shown at least 302 gothic romance titles with cover images, descriptions, ratings, and links to buy.

Haunted Hearts Series

Where can you find romance amongst
  • a priceless diamond and emerald necklace, murder and a lover who can't be trusted?
  • a dead aunt who calls late at night from the grave, "Find the will?"
  • a search for a book that could return a demon to his own world?
  • a new-found love overseas, an unpardonable sin and danger?
  • a ten-year memory loss tied to a child's voice whispering "Time to go back…?"
  • a dismembered body, a recluse and night terrors?
  • a family curse, a past love and a present evil?
The answer lies in Red Rose Publishing’s Shadowed Hearts series of novellas that currently includes Dangerous Hearts by Mary Montague Sikes, The Haunting of Hastings Hall by Allison Knight, Heart of the Night by Karen McCullough, Lady in White by Joanna A. McKethan, Null and Void by Jane Toombs, Veil Over Crystal Lake by Cierra James, and Haunted Serenade by Anna M. Taylor. Each tale satisfies as only an eerie, hair-raising, and angst-filled gothic romance can. Seven authors offer seven different settings and satisfying gothic “happily ever afters.” Excerpts can be found and electronic/print copies purchased on the Red Rose Publishing website.

Harlequin Intrigue News

The Harlequin Intrigue authors' website introduces you to Intrigue authors and their novels. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive monthly updates regarding new titles and their authors. Here's a link to the March 2011 Intrigue Authors Newsletter to give you a taste of what's in store.

GRLL Needs More Readers

The nonprofit Gothic Romance Lending Library needs more readers of its over 2,200 gothic romance novels available on loan by mail at very reasonable rates. Check it out, and place your order today!

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