Obama listens to the people, not the polluters!

Following months of unprecedented mobilizations, including over 1500 arrests in Washington DC and Ottawa, as well as 12,000 people surrounding the White House a couple of weeks ago, President Obama has listened to the many and not the money. Supporting an announcement of the State Department, the President said that the pipeline would require further analysis for its impacts on, among other things, climate change resulting from the pipeline's source - the tar sands. 

This decision has garnered support from NGOs, civil society, state governments and Canadian Members of Parliament. A recent trip to Washington to congratulate the State Department for making the right decision led Minister Kent to call tar sands opposition, 'treacherous.' The lobby efforts to approve this pipeline have been shown to be very substantial. 

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Climate Action Network Canada to host European Member of Parliament on speaking tour


The European Union has shown consistent leadership on climate and energy policies over recent years, one initiative being the Fuel Quality Directive, a policy designed to move towards lowering greenhouse gas pollution from transportation. This policy is poised to reflect the scientifically proven higher carbon intensity of a number of sources of oil, such as oil shale and tar sands, something the Canadian Government is aggressively resisting.

Member of European Parliament, Kriton Arsenis, will be our guest of honour and he will be addressing this aggressive lobby campaign and why the Canadian Government should stop trying to undermine progressive policies in the face of the climate crises.

Join us at a public speaking event at 16:00 on November 24th at the University of Toronto.  Please remember to RSVP!

Northern Youth Leading the Canadian Climate Movement

 Youth from across the North were in Yellowknife last week for the second Young Leaders' Summit on Northern Climate Change, held Nov. 10-12.
The aim of the summit was to prepare the youth to speak nationally and internationally on the effects of climate change in the North. The first was held in Inuvik, N.W.T., in 2009.

Could we produce all the energy we need from renewable resources? Join us next Friday for a Movie and Discussion

Join us next Friday (Nov. 25) for a thought-provoking documentary and a delicious meal. The Café scientifique discussion provides the opportunity to share different views on a specific question in a relaxed atmosphere.

Guest experts include:
  • David Chernushenko, Energy Educator, Flim Producer, City of Ottawa Councillor
  • Matthew Bramley, Director of Research, Pembina Institute

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