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October 2, 2014

In This Week's Issue

  • NAIPC to Launch Aging in Place Template on
  • New Resource Available to Members
  • Greater Charleston Chapter Chairman, Barbara Franklin, Featured in National Publication
  • Long Island Chapter Obtains Corporate Sponsors for Project Lifesaver
  • Senator Proposes "National Caregiver Corps" Program
  • Maine House Speaker Introduces "Keep Me Home" Initiative
  • Exercising with Cold or Flu Symptoms
  • Upcoming Events

NAIPC to Launch Aging in Place Template on

In preparation for National Aging in Place Planning Day October 15, NAIPC will launch Act III: Your Plan for Aging in Place on by the end of next week. The full resource will be available on the website to download, and seniors will also have the option to submit a copy of their "My Needs Assessment" electronically through the website to get further assistance.

Act III guides seniors and their families through each of the five main areas of Aging in Place (housing, finance, health and wellness, transportation, and community interaction) so that they can assess their own situations. Once seniors determine their needs, they are invited to submit their plan to NAIPC to get help with fulfilling those needs.

On Wednesday, October 15, aging Americans across the nation will be invited to sit with our members and make a plan for Aging in Place. Planning days will be held in
Western/Central Virginia, Atlanta, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Charleston, South Carolina. Orange County will also participate, holding not only the Aging in Place planning session, but hosting a full expo including raffles, free flu shots, and complimentary blood pressure testing.

Last week, NAIPC held a webinar to train members on how to use Act III with seniors in your communities. To accommodate anyone who was unable to participate last week, NAIPC will hold one additional webinar for members. The exact date and time will be announced later this week.

New Resource Available to Members

NAIPC is introducing a new resource available to members. Tony Rovere, Coordinator of the Long Island Chapter and founder of Stuff Seniors Need, has put together a list of free services available to seniors nationwide.

In addition to sharing this resource with NAIPC members, Tony is willing to brand the document with members' company logos so that they can use it locally with their clients.

To get a copy tailored for your business, please email your firm name and logo to:

Thanks, Tony!

To download a copy of "Free Services Nationwide,"
click here.

Greater Charleston Chapter Chairman, Barbara Franklin, Featured in National Publication

NAIPC Greater Charleston Chapter Chairman, Barbara Franklin, recently published an article on her Aging in Place efforts in a National Association of Health Underwriters publication.

"For a family involved in caregiving or an individual trying to age in place, sometimes all that’s needed is the right connection to a resource. The aging-in-place movement brings together for-profit companies, non-profits, academic institutions and government agencies under one mission. The goal is to offer community education and referrals to resources that are generally associated with healthcare, housing, financial and legal planning, transportation, and various community and supportive services."

To read the full article,
click here.

Long Island Chapter Obtains Corporate Sponsors for Project Lifesaver

The Long Island Chapter of the National Aging In Place Council is proud to announce that they recently obtained corporate sponsors for Project Lifesaver.

Project Lifesaver is a radio pendant worn by Alzheimer's and dementia patients so that if they wander, they can be quickly found by local law enforcement authorities.

Traditional methods of a standard search can take hours, but with the Project Lifesaver pendant being worn by the client, over 95% of the searches are successfully carried out within 30 minutes.

The two donors who came forward to aid this effort who were contacted by the Long Island Chapter are...

i Fix Screens

A growing cell phone and tablet repair service located through the tri-state area.


101 Mobility

LI Chapter member John Michielini owns
101 Mobility, which specializes in assistance devices and construction to aid seniors age-in-place.

The LI Chapter thanks these generous donors for helping the aging-in-place population and their caregivers.

Senator Proposes "National Caregiver Corps" Program

Senator Bob Casey, D-PA, serves on the U.S. Senate Aging Committee, and, through hours and hours of testimony from constituents, he sees that the struggles family caregivers are facing is real. Senator Casey proposes a National Caregiver Corps to help fill the caregiver gap. 

The program would replicate the Teach For America Program, which challenges talented new teachers to commit to teaching for two years in a high-need school. A National Caregiver Corps program would provide incentives for individuals to pursue caregiver careers, such as student loan forgiveness and specialized training, while serving area seniors and their families.

To read the full article,
click here.

Maine House Speaker Introduces "Keep Me Home" Initiative

The vast majority of seniors will tell you that they prefer to stay in their homes as they age, but most do not have a plan in place to circumvent many of the challenges they will experience along the way that might prevent them from staying in their homes.

Elderly residents in Maine experience many of those challenges to an even greater degree. Communities are mostly rural, away from service providers seniors will need as they age. Even more isolated, a segment of the population live on islands. In such communities, the need for reliable transportation is even greater. And most retired Mainers live on fixed incomes not suited for the rising costs of housing, health care, and even food.

To address the unique problems facing aging Mainers, Maine House Speaker Mark Eves proposes the "Keep Me Home" initiative, a comprehensive and innovative Aging in Place program that will address the immediate needs of seniors: creating affordable housing options for seniors throughout Maine; increasing pay for in-home care providers; and expanding property tax credits for low-income seniors.

Leaders of this initiative, who have been collaborating for over a year, hope that "Keep Me Home" will make Maine the national leader for Aging in Place and encourage other states to replicate their efforts.

Click here to read the full article.

Exercising with Cold or Flu Symptoms

We all know about the extensive health benefits of regular exercise. Those who exercise 45 minutes per day live longer. It improves brain function. It can help you deal with chronic pain.

But what about when you're sick? Should you maintain your exercise regiment when you are sick with a cold or the flu?

It really depends. If your symptoms are contained within your head (sinus problems, headache, sneezing), you should be fine. But if your symptoms are below the neck, too (achy muscles, fatigue, nausea), take a break from exercise. Get rest and give your body time to recover without compromising your immune system.

But either way, make sure you get your flu shot!

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