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January 10, 2014

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  • Common Goals Closely Aligned
  • Innovative Approach to Community Engagement
  • Aging in Place Technology of Tomorrow
  • NAIPC Board of Directors Special Election
  • Save the Date!
  • Upcoming Events

Common Goals Closely Aligned

The Capitol Hill Village in Washington, DC receives on average 300 service calls per month from members, a substantial number for a Village of 270 residents. And fielding these service calls is no small task; the Capitol Hill Village staff log each call, arrange for the member to be connected with a preferred service provider, and follow up afterwards to ensure the quality of service.

It should come as no surprise then that in a recent survey conducted on Villages nationwide, promoting members’ access to services was the most important goal of more than 70% of Villages surveyed. The top five services requested included home maintenance/repair, home health/personal care, housekeeping, exercise groups, and legal assistance. The overwhelming majority of these requests were handled by outside providers as opposed to Village staff or volunteers.

It should also come as no surprise that more than 90% of Villages surveyed reported partnering or collaborating with another organization in the preceding year.

With common goals so closely aligned, an NAIPC/Village to Village Network partnership seems like a no-brainer. NAIPC National plans to pilot this partnership with the currently forming Washington, DC Chapter to provide a template for how this collaboration could be mutually beneficial for NAIPC Chapters and Villages across the country.

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To read the full Villages Survey, click here.


Innovative Approach to Community Engagement

Gone are the days of bingo nights and senior mixers. Today’s dynamic aging population is demanding more; Americans are living longer, more active lives, and senior communities are getting creative to offer residents what they need to remain engaged and active.

The Village to Village Network is keeping up with these trends. While most Villages recently reported that promoting access to services was their primary goal, a substantial number of Villages (24% of respondents) reported that strengthening social relationships and reducing isolation of members was most important. Accordingly, Villages offer their members a wide array of interest groups, exercise groups, clubs, and activities to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Another approach is creating a niche market targeting particular interests to enhance the lives of residents. Housing developer Meta Housing Corporation has created such a market, recently completing its third art-focused senior housing community in California. The concept incorporates housing and services in an artistic environment, providing residents with an array of free, professional-level art activities that encourage residents to remain stimulated, engaged, and involved. And so far, it seems their innovative model is on target: they were awarded “Best Senior Housing Community 2013” by PCBC’s Golden Nuggets Awards, and early data indicates lower-than-industry turnover rates and consistently high occupancy rates in the three communities.

To read more about Meta Housing Corporation and other trends in senior housing, please read the recently published article, "The Senior Rental Housing Wave" from The Tax Credit Advisor ( January 2014 issue.

To read the full Villages Survey, click here.

Aging in Place Technology of Tomorrow

No one wants to experience the panic that ensues when you’re unable to get in touch with an elderly loved one. They could be out for a walk, they could have left their phone in the other room…but it could be something much worse.

A recent USA Today article tells one family’s story of locating an elderly family member who had fallen off the radar (while out gardening) and how they used a relatively inexpensive sensor device to ensure that this wouldn't happen again.

Chairs that take vital signs and carpets that detect and track movement might seem like gadgets from a Science Fiction novel, but more likely this is the technology of tomorrow. While devices can never completely replace the need for in-home caregivers, they can certainly reduce some of the costs of healthcare and give peace of mind to loved ones. With the aging population growing, the number of available caregivers shrinking, and more and more seniors opting to age in place, the push for the development, implementation, and funding of technological devices is stronger than ever.

To read the full story,
click here.


NAIPC Board of Directors Special Election

NAIPC will hold a special election of the Board of Directors. Nominees for the Board were announced at the last Council of Chapters meeting. The nominees include:
  • Peter Bell, President, Dworbell., Inc. and Founder of NAIPC
  • Paul Franklin from the Charleston Chapter
  • Alissa Boroff from the Minneapolis Chapter
  • Mary Lea Quinn from the Atlanta Chapter
  • Louis Tennenbaum, an Independent Living Strategist based in Potomac, MD
  • Robert Blancato, a Washington, D.C. attorney and organizer of the 1995 White House Conference on Aging
  • Sandra Timmermann, former Director of the Metlife Mature Market Institute
This Board of Directors will serve until the next election at the NAIPC Annual Meeting. Watch your email inbox for more information on how to vote in the special election.

Save the Date!

Mark your calendars: the Second Annual National Aging in Place Council Meeting is scheduled for June 12-13, 2014 in Washington, DC. All members are encouraged to attend.

Upcoming Events

  • 1/15/2014 Eastern Shore Chapter Monthly Meeting
  • 1/21/2014 Washington, DC Chapter Kick-Off Meeting
  • 1/22/2014 Central Coast of California Monthly Chapter Meeting
  • 2/19/2014 Eastern Shore Chapter Monthly Meeting
  • 2/19/2014 Boston Chapter Members Only Event
  • 3/12/2014 Boston Chapter Breakfast Meeting
  • 3/19/2014 Eastern Shore Chapter Monthly Meeting
  • 5/14/2014 Boston Chapter Dinner Meeting