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June 23, 2014

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  • NAIPC 2014 Annual Meeting Featured in Forbes
  • NAIPC Releases 2 Key Resources
  • NAIPC's Newest Chapter--Welcome, Greater Pittsburgh!
  • Upcoming Events

NAIPC 2014 Annual Meeting Featured in Forbes

 Forbes Magazine highlighted critical themes of the NAIPC 2014 Annual Meeting in an article by Liza Kaufman Hogan, entitled “3 Innovative Ways To Age In Place.” Hogan asked:

“If 90% of adults over 65 want to remain in their homes as long as possible, as a 2011 AARP study suggests, why do so many wind up in retirement communities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes?

“This was the key question at the National Aging In Place Council’s (NAIPC) annual meeting held this week in Washington, D.C.” 

Drawing from the annual meeting, the article states that aging in place is a lifestyle that requires a comprehensive approach, pulling together the splintered, fragmented services that are available from various, often hard-to-find sources into one cohesive package.

Three existing models presented are explored in the
Forbes article: the Technology Model, the Village Model, and the Purpose-Driven Model. All three take a comprehensive, proactive approach to planning for aging and underscore NAIPC’s goals for this critical and ever-growing segment of the American population.

In coming weeks, NAIPC will provide extensive coverage of the sessions from the 2014 Annual Meeting. In the meantime, members can log in to their accounts on to view the conference session slides. For assistance with member log-in information, please contact Ashley Krapacs at

NAIPC Releases 2 Key Resources

In conjunction with the Annual Meeting, NAIPC introduced two new and innovative resources: the NAIPC Policy and Strategy Memorandum, and Your Plan for Aging in Place.

The NAIPC Policy and Strategy Memorandum goes farther than any previous statement in defining Aging in Place and outlining key policy initiatives that promote the Aging in Place movement. NAIPC is formulating a plan to address these policy items and bring them to the forefront of the American national dialogue.

Your Plan for Aging in Place is a detailed guide that assists seniors and their families with planning for the aging process. By asking the important questions and letting participants choose the answers that best fit their individual situations, needs, and aspirations, the Plan allows each person to qualify and quantify exactly what he or she will need for a happy, healthy, and successful retirement. This resource, which covers each aspect of senior living with its own section, will be piloted with a local NAIPC Chapter in the coming months and will be the focus of Aging in Place Week events nationwide October 13-19, 2014.

NAIPC's Newest Chapter--Welcome, Greater Pittsburgh!

Greater Pittsburgh Chapter Founder, Patty Neurohr, realized that her company (At Home With Ease, a unique Personal Assistant Agency providing an array of services to support families, seniors, and busy professionals), and her customers needed the support of a vetted, reliable network of like-minded service providers to support seniors' wishes to remain independent in their homes.

Regardless of financial resources, when individuals are in need of assistance, it is difficult and time-consuming to navigate the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors to establish a plan or develop a solution. Most often, families are in search of these services at the time of crisis. Unfortunately, at that time-critical point, coming up with the optimum choices is not always possible.

Once Patty discovered NAIPC and realized its mission was in sync with addressing these gaps and challenges for seniors in the community, creating a chapter to serve the Greater Pittsburgh Area was the next logical step. "We started with a handful of like-minded business men and woman who make it their priority to support seniors' efforts to remain vital, well-educated, and well-cared-for in the comfort and safety of their home."

The Greater Pittsburgh Chapter's stated mission is in line with the NAIPC mission nationally: to provide education, advocacy, and the much-needed reliable and vetted resources to support independent seniors living in our community.

"Our objective is to become a beacon for seniors and their families within our community, providing simple access to information and support, regardless of how those services will be delivered or financed."

For more information on the NAIPC Greater Pittsburgh Chapter,
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Upcoming Events

6/25/2014 Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter Monthly Meeting
6/26/2014 Greater Columbus Chapter Community Outreach Event
7/9/2014 Long Island Chapter Monthly Meeting
7/9/2014 Central Coast of California Monthly Chapter Meeting
7/14/2014 Greater Columbus Chapter Monthly Member Meeting
7/23/2014 Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter Monthly Meeting
7/24/2014 Orange County Chapter Monthly Member Meeting

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