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September 4, 2013

In This Week's Issue

  • NAIPC Announces National Policy Summit
  • Webinar
  • NAIPC Implements Background Check Requirement for Members
  • Chapter News
  • Upcoming Events

NAIPC Announces National Policy Summit

Aging in Place Week Event to Coincide with Community Summits
September 4, 2013 Press Release

The National Aging in Place Council announced today that it will conduct a summit of thought-leaders focused on elder Americans in Washington, DC on October 16 to formulate a national policy approach to Aging in Place. Thirty representatives of organizations, associations, institutions, and businesses devoted to the senior sector have been invited to a full day roundtable discussion that will look at housing, healthcare/caregiving, personal finance, transportation, and education/quality of life.
“Aging in Place has become a fairly familiar term,” says Marty Bell, Executive Director of NAIPC. “But beyond the term, what exactly does it mean to people?  What does aging in place promise you, offer you?  We hope to clarify that.”
The National Summit, the focal event of 2013 Aging in Place Week, will look at the services and resources that are available to seniors who choose to remain in their homes as well as those that are not available and needed, either from government or business.
At the same time, local chapters of NAIPC in cities around the country will conduct Community Summits with local leaders and service providers to assess the age-friendliness of their communities. The template for the community gatherings will be based on the 2012 Milken Institute Report on “The Best Cities for Aging in America” which evaluated Health Care, Wellness, Finance, Employment, Living Arrangements, Transportation and Community Engagement in each American urban area.  Thus far, NAIPC chapters in Charleston, the Central Coast of California, and Atlanta are organizing Community Summits. 
“We hope to emerge from this year’s Aging in Place week with national and community policy agendas that we can share with other groups concerned with aging Americans with the intent of having rallying tools to bring together many diverse voices into a single, focused national effort to expand awareness of and participation in aging in place, an effort that will benefit both individuals and our society as a whole,” says Bell.
The national summit, to be held at the Resources and Conservation Center in Washington, will pinpoint policies that need advocacy, new programs that need development, and expanded methods of communication. Among the issues on the table is the need for more senior housing, more caregivers, financial education for those who do not have professional financial advisors, adult day care facilities, and more and better transportation options.
Additional information and a schedule of events can be found at
NAIPC, a senior service network, currently includes individual members in most states and 17 local chapters in which in-home service providers in a community gather to network and present events to increase awareness of this valuable contemporary approach to senior living.
Marty Bell
Executive Director 
Ashley Krapacs
Administrator and Policy Associate
202-939-1783 Webinar...Register Today!

NAIPC will hold a webinar to showcase the features and functionality of the recently launched website.
Title: Introducing the New Web Site
Description: A webinar to introduce the new website. Presenters will demonstrate many of the new features, including the robust search feature, members-only content, member profiles, the Age in Place Forum, the Age in Place Blog ("Blogging in Place"), chapter pages, individually tailored service provider listings, and much more.
Time:  Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time
Marty Bell, NAIPC
Ashley Krapacs, NAIPC
To register, please click here.

NAIPC Implements Background Check Requirement for Members

In order to properly vet our members and maintain the integrity of NAIPC, NAIPC has implemented a new background check requirement. All Individual Members or delegates employed by a firm that holds a Corporate Membership must complete and pass a background check once every three years.
Effective August 5, 2013, existing members will be required to complete the background check before renewing their annual membership. Your next renewal notice will provide you with information on completing the background check. Thereafter, you will receive a notice every three years prompting you to submit to a new background check.
The National Aging in Place Council® has partnered with to administer the required background checks. The National Aging In Place Council® Screening Package costs $49.95, plus any additional court or data access fees. The URL for completing the background check is:
Existing members whose profession requires them to have a background check may submit the appropriate background check documentation to NAIPC for review, in lieu of paying for a background check with Approval of the background check documentation is up to the discretion of the NAIPC staff. The three-year periodicity applies to these background checks as well.
You may complete this background check requirement at any time before renewing your membership. To expedite the process of renewing membership, we encourage you to complete the background check well in advance of your renewal date.
If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Krapacs at

Chapter News

  • NAIPC Members in the Monterey, CA area have joined forces to form our newest chapter. The chapter, which will be named the "Central Coast of California Chapter" plans to formally launch at the end of September, and, accordingly, members intend to plan a community roundtable event locally during National Aging in Place Week in October.

  • As a result of the First Annual NAIPC Conference, Homes for America and NAIPC are working together to form a strategic partnership. On Friday, September 6, 2013, a resident services manager from Homes for America will meet with a representative from the NAIPC national office as well as representatives from the Eastern Shore, MD Chapter and the Baltimore Chapter. The goal is to form a model for resident service managers to partner with chapters and use NAIPC chapter members as service providers in local housing communities. NAIPC will publish a report on this meeting.

Upcoming Events

  • September 11, 2013: Long Island Chapter Monthly Meeting
  • September 12, 2013: Webinar: Introducing the New Web Site
  • September 17, 2013: Washington DC Chapter Formation Meeting
  • September 19, 2013: Boston Chapter: Helping Families in Crisis; Simple, Stress Free and Financially Manageable Solutions
  • September 20, 2013: Eastern Shore Event Talbot County "Aging by Design" Symposium
  • October 15-21, 2013: National Aging in Place Week
  • October 16, 2013: Aging in Place Summit (Washington, DC)
  • October 26, 2013: Orange County Chapter Alzheimer's Walk
To view the full list of NAIPC national and chapter events, click here.