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October 24, 2013

In This Week's Issue

  • Greater Charleston Chapter Holds Local Policy Summit
  • National Aging in Place Policy Summit Report to Come
  • Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists Win Homes for Life Awards for Excellence
  • Senior Movers Provide More than Just Moving Services
  • Upcoming Events

Greater Charleston Chapter Holds Local Policy Summit

The NAIPC Greater Charleston Chapter held a local Aging in Place Policy Summit on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. Attendees included 52 guests from various agencies and organizations, and discussion topics included general, health-care, wellness, living arrangements, transportation/convenience, financial indicators, employment/education, and community engagement.

Major takeaways from the Summit include the following:
  • General: Address hunger through the networking of professionals and farmers and organizations to bring healthy food to seniors.
  • Healthcare: Focus on diminishing duplication of effort – as professionals we need to share and know what other aging professionals are doing– create opportunities for sharing in the community. We have experts in healthcare – how do we connect them to the people that need them.
  • Wellness: Discuss and create focus groups in our churches. Through church meetings, work with religious leaders in the community – identify what the needs of seniors are in the community.
  • Living arrangements: Assemble a group of stakeholders (landowners, bankers, developers) and ask them to collaborate on developing affordable housing.
  • Transportation/convenience: Request board approval from SCAIP to set up a task force and study opportunities for improvement on the current patchwork system of transportation.
  • Financial indicators: Continue to offer one-on-one contact and face-to-face contact with seniors and have in-depth conversations about services available. Help seniors in their estate planning to address gaps in directives such as guidance for aging and memory issues.
  • Employment/education: Have a job fair for seniors and create a website for senior resumes. The fair would be to educate the employers in the community about what seniors can offer in the workplace as well as an opportunity for seniors to make connections to find employment.
  • Community engagement: Awareness – communicate with recent retirees about what is available in our community – how to stay engaged by contacting local professionals – ex. realtors, and other members of SCAIPC.
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National Aging in Place Policy Summit Report to Come

NAIPC held a National Aging in Place Policy Summit in Washington, DC on Wednesday, October 16, 2013. The Summit was well-attended by many of the nation's leading aging in place experts. 

Industry experts led discussions on various topics including general aging in place issues, healthcare/caregiving, the "Age-Friendly Cities" project, housing, personal finance, transportation, local coordination of health and social supports, technology, and Universal Design.

Major takeaways of the Summit are still being reviewed, and an extensive report will be distributed to all NAIPC members in the coming weeks. NAIPC is confident that the results of this Summit will help forge a path towards creating a strong policy agenda to advocate for aging Americans.

Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists Win Homes for Life Awards for Excellence

On October 17, 2013, the National Association of Home Builders presented awards to two Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists for their innovative remodeling work utilizing aging-in-place and universal design concepts.

Larry Taff, CAPS, won the Major Space remodel award for his remodeling work which resulted in a family member of the home being able to move back and out of a nursing home facility.

Monarcha Marcet, CAPS, won the Single Space remodel award for her remodel of a kitchen, which resulted in allowing all members of a multi-generational family to work in the kitchen at the same time.

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Senior Movers Provide More than Just Moving Services

Oftentimes, helping a senior to adjust to a new living arrangement entails much more than just moving furniture. It involves downsizing, various chores including paper-shredding, hooking up electronics, finding resources...and, of course, sometimes a bit of hand-holding.

These adjustments can be overwhelming not only to the seniors, but also to the family members of seniors. Fortunately, a growing group of professionals called Senior Move Managers specialize in providing the support needed for a smooth transition. These specialists are trained to assist seniors and their families with a wide range of services, including downsizing, moving, modifying homes, and various household tasks and chores, offering more of all-inclusive, one-stop-shop consultation service.

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Upcoming Events

October 24, 2013: Orange County Chapter Monthly Meeting
October 24, 2013: Baltimore Chapter Harford 50+ Senior Expo at Ripken Stadium
October 24, 2013: Orange County Chapter Networking Dinner
October 26, 2013: Orange County Chapter Alzheimer's Walk
November 4, 2013: Baltimore Chapter NAIPC Monthly Meeting
November 13, 2013: Boston Chapter Dinner Meeting