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August 27, 2014

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  • Members Only: National Aging in Place Planning Day Training Webinar
  • 401(k) Savers are Reaping Rewards
  • Staying Vital as You Age
  • Forbes: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Senior Community
  • Tips on Finding Home Health Care
  • Upcoming Events

Members Only: National Aging in Place Planning Day Training Webinar

The National Aging in Place Council has designated Wednesday, October 15, 2014 as National Aging in Place Planning Day across America.

On that day, aging Americans in cities where NAIPC has local chapters will be invited to sit with our members and make a plan for Aging in Place. The guide for the plan will be a new template developed by NAIPC called Act III: Your Plan for Aging in Place.

On September 25, 2014 at 3:00 pm eastern standard time, NAIPC will hold a webinar to train members on how to use this resource with seniors in your communities. The webinar is open to NAIPC members only.

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401(k) Savers are Reaping Rewards

Workers who saved in a 401(k) plan during the 5 years that included the financial crisis are reaping rewards.

So says a new study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute and the Investment Company Institute, which found that the average account balance of workers who participated consistently in a 401(k) plan from year-end 2007 to year-end 2012 increased at a compound average annual growth rate of 6.8% during that period, despite a 34.7% drop in that group's average 401(k) account balance in 2008.

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Staying Vital as You Age

There are simple steps you can take RIGHT NOW to stay active and vital as you age! According to Robert A. Levine, M.D., these easy lifestyle changes can make a big difference to your health and wellness as you age, including:

Prevention: Start prevention steps early. Dr. Levine recommends implementing a preventive plan no later than your forties.

Exercise: Staying active is beneficial to physical as well as cognitive abilities, so stick to an exercise regime, and make sure to change up your work out routine to help prevent injury.

Social engagement: Interacting with others stimulates the brain and improves memory. Join a new club, start volunteering, or plan a game night with friends and family. Stay involved!

And...Alcohol! When consumed in moderation, of course. Studies show one to two drinks a day can actually improve your health.

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Forbes: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Senior Community

So you've decided that moving into a senior independent living community is the best option for you. What's the next step?

A recent Forbes article highlights important factors to consider before choosing a community.

Should you rent or buy? There are pros and cons for both options. Make sure you weigh your options before making a decision.

Compare costs using factors such as amenities and living space.

Consider who your neighbors will be. Community living offers more opportunities to interact with your neighbors than other living arrangements, so make sure you'll be surrounded by people whose company you will enjoy.

Location is key. What are your priorities? Being close to friends and family? Living near public transportation?

And of course, the food. Consider the taste, quality, and frequency of meals that are provided in the community.

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Tips on Finding Home Health Care

Three key factors in hiring a home health aide are conducting research, financing the home health care, and making sure not to rush the process, according to a recent article published in USA Today.

Understand exactly what services are needed. Licensed home health care aides provide some personal services (bathing, dressing, etc.), but not medical care. Make sure you know exactly which services you or your loved one needs so that you can find the right type of professional to provide the care.

Ensure you have the finances to cover the costs. Medicare, if you are eligible, will pay for some in-home services, but not all services and not under all circumstances. Make sure you know what will be covered and what will not.

Take the time to plan for and manage the services. This is a crucial piece of the process for finding the best home health care for your particular situation.

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Upcoming Events

9/9/2014 Western & Central Virginia Member Meeting
9/10/2014 Long Island Chapter Monthly Meeting
9/10/2014 Central Coast of California Monthly Chapter Meeting
9/17/2014 Tri County of Greater Los Angeles Chapter Member Meeting
9/17/2014 Greater Charleston Chapter Member Meeting
9/23/2014 Western & Central Virginia Member Meeting
9/24/2014 Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter Monthly Meeting
9/25/2014 Orange County Chapter Monthly Member Meeting
10/13/2014 National Aging in Place Week
10/15/2014 National Aging in Place Planning Day
10/16/2014 Greater Atlanta Chapter Aging in Place Week Event
10/18/2014 Orange County Chapter Walk to End Alzheimer's
10/21/2014 Charleston Chapter Aging in Place Week Celebration--"The Gifts of Aging"