Leadership Development: Women's Ministry  |  February 2020

You will be like a well-watered garden,
like a spring whose waters never fail.

—Isaiah 58:11

Challenges of Women in Ministry

Around the world and across the CRCNA, recent years have seen women achieving more freedom and taking on leadership roles, but the journey has been hard, and many roadblocks remain. Read more.

Ministry Highlights

An Open Door for Shared Leadership

Shared leadership is not always easy. It takes intentionality from everyone. Read one church’s story of how they have worked it out. Read more.

Pay Attention - A discussion on spiritual discernment

For those in ministry, the topic of spiritual discernment is important. Learn from this discussion on listening to God’s voice. Read more.

We Are Not Alone

Criticism—we all get it, especially in ministry. Let’s be honest, criticism is hard. Find encouragement and helpful takeaways. Read more.

God’s Vision for the Church

God’s vision for the church is beautifully diverse. May our hearts be open and remain open to God's more excellent vision. Read more.


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Events Calendar

  • June 12, 2020 - Women in Leadership Synod 2020 Dinner, Calvin College
  • Sept. 23-26, 2020 - Black and Reformed Leadership Conference, Maranatha Bible Conference Center, Muskegon, MI
Are you investing in the future of women by offering an event to grow as leaders in your region? We want to hear from you! We would like to post your event on the events calendar. Send an email with information to womensministry@crcna.org.

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Women's Ministry Clusters - WMC. We are exploring the idea of virtual regional clusters to support leadership training events, hold discussions for planning women’s celebrations, share resources, have times for prayer, and more. The WMC’s are for all women and vital for diverse learning and conversations. Join WMC Now

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