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Critical Pedagogy:
"1945-1998" by Isao Hashimoto 

Oliver Stone goes
"South of the Border"

Which "South of the Border" review has the dumbest mistake?

Some PCASCistas made it to an advanced press screening of the film. Here is one review:

Oliver Stone's new documentary film, “South Of The Border” compares the North American media-propaganda of Hugo Chávez with actual interviews of the Bolivarian Revolutionary. Stone provides a historically accurate picture of Hugo Chávez and his rising into power, including a fair account of the coups, the media, and the United States. The most controversial presidents in South America are interviewed about their role in the Bolivarian Revolution, their long-term goals, and similarities in struggle. Stone provides only a bit of editorializing and characterizing, instead he allows the Presidents to speak for themselves and communicate their own objectives. This film is not a complete analysis of the South-American labor movement, but it does provide a flavor of the overtones of the revolution in South America, and an introduction of the South-American Presidents to the average American viewer.

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News and Events for Tuesday July 20th, 2010

Upcoming Events:
Mark your calendar! 

The Next PCASC meeting is this Wednesday July 21st. We will meet in Colonel Summers Park at 20th and Belmont.  Help us welcome Brenda, the new PCASC organizer, to the team.  Social hour despues!

July 21st-
Oregon New Sanctuary Movement presents:
Isaiah 58 Solidarity Vigil Against Racial Profiling in Arizona

Wednesday, July 21st 12pm - 1pm
NW Park Blocks - Back entrance to ICE building
NW Glisan and 8th

Download the flyer

July 29th-
Day of Action against SB 1070
¡Ya Basta: Comunidades Uniéndose a La Resistencia - Communities Uniting to Resist!
5pm- NOS VEMOS en Holladay Park
(11th and Holladay)


Resistance has sparked across the state of Arizona and the country to defeat SB1070 and all racist policies that further criminalize our people and separate families. We know that if SB1070 is not stopped in Arizona now, similar laws will spread throughout the country.

We demand that the Obama Administration take decisive action and not comply with Arizona’s SB1070. This law can only terrorize our communities if the federal government cooperates with it.

We demand that all ICE ACCESS programs such as 287(g), Secure Communities, and the CAP programs be suspended.

July 30th-
South of the Border PDX premier
[In 2005 during the Mar del Plata FTAA negotiations]
"Bush told me is the best way to revitalize the economy is war and that the United States had grown stronger with war."
-- Nelson Kirshner
"War, he said that?"
-- Oliver Stone
"Those were his exact words"
-- Kirshner
PCASC has tix to the PDX premier.
August 26th-
PCASC and AFSC presents the 1st annual PCASC benefit concert and NO SOY EL ARMY tour kickoff, featuring:
and more....
pcasc afsc concert poster

For more details on the No Soy El Army:
bilingual counter-recruitment tour see 


Dear friends,

The Repeal Coalition is beginning a campaign of noncompliance with SB 1070, which is scheduled to go into effect on July 29. As part of our campaign, we are asking people to consider signing our pledge of noncompliance in which people pledge not to obey 1070 when/if it goes into effect.
(You can also sign on to our pledge at .)

As part of our noncompliance campaign we are creating 18" x 24" lawn signs with the message below. We will encourage people throughout the state to put this sign on their lawn or in their window to show opposition to SB 1070 and solidarity with undocumented people in this state. 

Each sign costs just over $2. That means the first 1,000 signs we are ordering cost a little more than $2000. A generous donor has promised to match any funds that the Repeal Coalition can raise, up to $1500.
This is where we need your help.

Here's how you can help:

1) If you agree that SB 1070 is an immoral law and you are willing to resist that law, please sign our pledge of noncompliance. You can fill out the pledge at or send us an email with your name and address and pledge to Keep in mind that this pledge calls for civil disobedience against SB 1070. You are pledging to break this law to honor a higher moral law.

2) If you would like to help us raise $1500 to pay for the signs, send a donation to the Repeal Coalition. You can donate by going to
nate. You can make a contribution there via Paypal. Or, you can mail a check to the Repeal Coalition and send it to us c/o Joel Olson, PO Box 15036, Flagstaff, AZ 86011. 
Thank you for your support. Together we can defeat this evil law.
Yours for the freedom to live, love, and work wherever you want,

Joel Olson for the Repeal Coalition

News and Analysis

The ICE man: Obama's backdoor Arizona-style program

Just like Arizona, the president is leaning on local cops to round up illegal immigrants

by Daniel Denvir

Uses of a Whirlwind: Movement, Movements, and Contemporary Radical Currents in the United States
“We are in the middle of a whirlwind of struggle and opportunities for fundamental change abound; it’s just a question of how we use them.”
by Al Bradbury

National Security Inc.

"The Post investigation uncovered what amounts to an alternative geography of the United States, a Top Secret America created since 9/11 that is hidden from public view, lacking in thorough oversight and so unwieldy that its effectiveness is impossible to determine."

US Military Moves Into Costa Rica

by Mark Vorpahl

"Yours not to reason why;
Yours but to do and die"

Mark Ruffalo reads Eugene Debs

Maude Barlow: "The World Has Divided into Rich and Poor as at No Time in History"

US tax dollars buys Venezuela's press

How to Plug Into PCASC

“If you have come here to help me, then you are wasting your time…But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”- lila watson

PCASC is a democratic, volunteer led and run organization with just two half- time staff people.  From stuffing envelopes to taking a lead role in organizing a protest, PCASC has a place for you. Please take a moment to fill out our volunteer survey so we can help plug you into PCASC’s work!

We the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month from 7pm to 9pm at our office where we plan and evaluate our work to build cross-border solidarity in the Americas.

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