Newsletter: June 2016
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The Word of God: Faithful, True, Powerful, Right, Enduring

Yesterday I read Proverbs 30:5, "Every word of God is pure." I hope that you and I are trusting in the truths of God's words today. The idea of God's Word being trustworthy is all over the pages of Scripture, starting right from the beginning. I believe one of the intentions that the author of Genesis had for its readers in the account of the creation was to show that God's word never fails. He speaks and it happens. Time and time again. From Genesis 1 and onward God's word never fails, it is the surest thing to bet on. We encounter "probabilities" all the time in our lives: The probability of a certain candidate to win an office, of a certain team to win the championship, the probability that it will rain or not, etc. We are faced with probabilities because we are not certain about the outcomes in life. But God's Word is a 100% guarantee every time. His promises are always true and his words can always be trusted. The Psalmist in Psalm 19:8 says "The precepts of the Lord are right, making the heart glad; the commandment of the Lord is radiant, making the eyes light up." Jesus stated that those who hear, trust, and do God's words are those whose house is built upon the rock. Paul said that God's word is beneficial to all areas of life, and Peter wrote that God's word is what transforms us and gives us new life and will endure forever. Are you trusting and obeying God's word today?
Trip to Chile in April:

In early April I had the opportunity to go to southern Chile, which is where one of the study centers of our Seminary is located. Together with Juan Leyton, director of the Seminary, we were invited to give some talks on the church's role in Evangelism. We also used the time to catch up with our students studying there. Salomon Fernandez and Mauricio Catalan (pictured below) are the 2 men in Chile who help coordinate the Seminary in Chile, making sure the students get their materials and helping them go through the courses.
Picture of the group in Chile and me speaking:
More Seminary News:

We are staying busy promoting our courses, developing new classes, and maintaining contact with our students, among many other diverse tasks. Our student numbers continue to increase, both in our central site here in Córdoba and in our other study centers in Chile and in Northern Argentina in Tucumán. In September I will be travelling to Ecuador, to participate in a conference geared for administrative and academic leaders of Latin American Seminaries. Then in October we will be hosting our annual conference, where we host hundreds of people from all over the region who are interested in receiving further training. This year's topic will be Biblical Counseling, and we will have David Barceló, a well-known pastor from Spain who has experience in this field.
Want to know more about our students and the impact they are having?

We have created a website in English with the goal of helping those in the United States to be better informed about our students and the impact they are having. I invite you to check out Carey Students: Real Stories to get a snapshot of what kinds of things our students are up to.
Pictures: Left: Outside of a country church near Puerto Montt, Chile
Right: A group of students in Tucumán, Argentina.
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Scott and Sofía Jackson

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