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Canada's History

War & Peace


The War & Peace episode of Canada in Focus asks: Is Canada really a "nation of peacekeepers?" Each episode of this classroom-friendly video series spotlights current Canadian topics by looking back through history.

You can also explore how other educators teach war and peace in the classroom, including advice, online resources, books, and lesson plans.

Flying and Spying


In the History Bits episode "Flying and Spying," experience the story of Chinese-Canadian Second World War hero Kam Len Douglas Sam of Victoria, B.C. Learn more

Flying and Spying: The Life of Kam Len Douglas Sam

In this lesson inspired by the History Bits episode, students will explore the life of Kam Len Douglas Sam and discover why he was the most decorated and highest-ranked Chinese Canadian in history. Learn more

Remembering the Great War

Find stories about the major battles, kids’ lives back home, and how anger around conscription divided the country during the First World War in this issue of Kayak — complete with resources for the classroom. Learn more

Canada and the Second World War

From farms to factories to fighting, the Second World War touched Canadians in many ways. Check out this issue of Kayak to reflect on and remember Canadians’ wartime contributions. Learn more

Canada's Carry On Sergeant!

More than fifty years after its initial release (and flop), the restored wartime film Carry On Sergeant! has finally earned a national audience. Students can view the movie on Library and Archives Canada’s YouTube channel. Learn more

Behind the lines

Inspired by his great-great-uncle's Second World War experience, fourteen-year-old Theo Behe recently published a graphic novel called Johnny Recuit. Fictional protagonist Big Johnny lies about his age to serve in the air force so he can find and rescue his uncle, who has been captured by Nazi forces in Germany. Learn more


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