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Black and white photo of helmets on the beach, 1942.

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For decades, the Dieppe Raid – August 19, 1942 – has dominated Canadians’ collective memory of the Second World War. Today, it continues to be shrouded in controversy, mystery, and tragedy.

In honour of the 80th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid, the Juno Beach Centre is proud to launch a new digital educational resource – Who Tells the Story of Dieppe?

Whether it's military propaganda, first person testimonies, or contemporary commemoration efforts, Who Tells the Story of Dieppe? encourages learners to explore how representations of the Dieppe Raid are defined by those who are telling the story.

This resource uses primary source documents such as archival videos, photographs, service files, first person quotations and more to explore how information about the raid differs depending on the source.

Learn more about Who Tells the Story of Dieppe? during a webinar on August 19th from 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm! Featuring a panel discussion from the creators of the resource, as well as remarks from Burlington MPP Natalie Pierre.

Guest panel: Ian Duncan, Marie Eve Vallaincourt, Louisa Simmons and Natalie Pierre.
Black and white photo depicting military tanks and trucks, 1942.
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