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Connect History, Experiential Learning, and Leadership with the Vimy Foundation

The Vimy Pilgrimage Award

Students can apply now!

This experiential program gives youth in Canada, ages 14-17, the opportunity to immerse themselves in history in the places where it happened.

Youth who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to their community are eligible to apply for this fully-funded education program to study Canada’s First World War contributions in Belgium and France in spring 2023.

The program features daily visits to important First World War sites including museums, cemeteries, and historic battlefields. Participants gain unique perspectives about Canada’s role during the First World War and connect with like-minded peers from across the country.

The deadline for applications is December 20, 2022.


History at the forefront of community leadership:
Vimy Inspires Tomorrow

Through the newest Vimy Foundation education program, Vimy Inspires Tomorrow, youth ages 13 to 17 can apply lessons from history to create transformative community projects.

Six free, bilingual history-based activities will enable youth to examine, discuss, and exercise key leadership skills, all of which can be applied to their daily lives as they become leaders of tomorrow.

Youth who complete one or more activities can submit a one-page proposal for a community project to be eligible for additional leadership training and a $1,500 community project grant.

The deadline for project proposals is January 31, 2023, but the activities are available for download year-round.

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