Question: are you ready for Christmas?

Answer: NO
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We all have great intentions of getting it ALL Done...

But Life gets in the way, so you might be like me, running around trying to find a tree, mailing presents that will get there too late, and cards that have yet to be sent overseas. (Thank goodness for the e-card sites like Jacquie Lawson).
As for presents, well, let's not get started.

FLOWERS & WREATHS make the perfect Gift ....Call today to order, we have a few left - small cedar wreaths, large Magnolia, evergreen and birch wreaths, and a vase of cut flowers with evergreens is a great choice.
Call us at 475-3551  to order for delivery, or you can order & pick -up at our store

I often wish I had time to sit and light a candle. Come into out store for Canadian Soy candles.  Earlier this Spring, I visited the Yankee Candle store in Williamsburg, VA.  Candles make your decor sparkle, but do not leave unattended. It is very important to trim your wicks, so here is some how-tos from Yankee Candle.

Keep wick trimmed to 1/8 inch at all times. The wick should be trimmed every 4 hours of burn time. Simply extinguish the flame, let the candle come to room temperature, and trim the wick to 1/8 of inch before relighting. Our Wick Trimmers make this task easy and creates a nice clean cut that properly maintains the wick.
Place the bottom of the trimmer flush with the surface of the candle.
Rock the trimmer back so that the “elbow” now rests on the surface of the candle.
Ensure that your trimmer is at a 45-degree angle to ensure the proper wick length. This will prevent the wick from being cut too short or causing the candle to burn improperly.

Bring the two handles together to trim the wick. Discard the remnant wick before lighting.

To keep wick at 1/8” at all times, it is suggested to trim the wick every four hours of burn time.

Keeping the wick trimmed to 1/8 of an inch at all times helps control the amount of “fuel” or wax that is present. By keeping the amount of fuel limited, the flame will create ideal complete combustion where carbon particles are absorbed by the flame. This means less soot is formed while the candle is burning. The formation of soot has nothing to do with the type of wax (soy, paraffin, vegetable, or other) as all burning items create soot as a product of incomplete combustion. It all has to do with the quality of the wick and the proper care of the candle!

Candles should not be burned for more than four hours at a time. It is recommended that they burned for four hours, then extinguished and let cool for two hours before relighting.

So, let's talk about Christmas dinner. Are you having the whole gang over, and wondering what to use for a tablecloth? Please do not tell me you are using a plastic tablecloth....we have great water-repellent, stain resistant cloths that look fabulous and are easy to take care of. They are a great price , starting at $25.00 to 28.00. Take a quick measure of your table, snap a photo of your table with your phone, and come visit The Camellia. Check out our tablecloths and the linen-look runner in the photo above.

Our classes are up on our on this link dates of the Workshops are flexible, we will do our best to accomodate everyone. Learn how to make fresh evergreen garlands, centrepieces, and windowboxes, classes run Thursday 18th. Dec. and Friday 19th. of December, 6.30-9.30 . Phone 475-3551 to register

Beginner Cottage Paint classes coming up : 
DATES: Thursday, Jan. 8th, 2015, 6.30 to 9.30ish
               Saturday, Jan. 10th. 2015, 1-4p
                Sunday, Jan. 11th. 2015, 1-4 p.

We have lots of ribbons, don't forget to come in and get tree topper bows made up, we also make bows for wreaths. Many Christmas decorations on sale , 40-50% off, garlands, and other goodies as well.

Have an awesome Weekend...and come Visit us at The Camellia.. Thurs. 12-6. Fri. 11-5, Sat. 11-5. Sun. 12-5.
Next week, we are open Tuesday, Dec. 23. 1-4, Wed. Dec. 24. 1-4.


30 Hacquoil Rd.    p-(807) 475-3551.

If you are coming at night, no worries, our entrance is clearly lit.

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Come Visit The Camellia.


How do I get there?   We are 10 mins. from the Thunder Bay Airport, heading south on Hwy. 61. Turn left onto Hacquoil Rd. We are 1.6km. on the left.    Phone 807) 475-3551

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