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Beekman Thanksgiving Recipes
Win A Nook Color & Beekman Discount
Beekman Blacksmith Videos
Save the Date: Victorian Holiday Celebration
"Bundle up" Charity Greenery
Make your own Winter Morning Wreath
The Beekman Mercantile Annex
Meet a Beekman: Megan Holken
Where We've been...Where We're Going.
Holiday Reading List

...First, you sharpen the axe...just kidding!

We wanted to share a few of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes straight from the new Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook...plus a few bonus extra recipes. Country Living Magazine was nice enough to include them in their Thanksgiving issue, so if you haven't picked up a copy...they're still on stands for a few more days. Here are links to the recipes online:

Maple-Bourbon Roasted Turkey with Gravy
Buttermilk Cornbread Stuffing with Sausage
Leek and Potato Gratin
Green Bean Salad with Red Onions
Cranberry and Dried-Cherry Sauce
Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Roasted Chestnuts
Pumpkin Cheese Bread
Sweet Potatoes with Ancho-Maple Glaze
Pumpkin Goat Cheese Cake
Sour Cream-Sweet Potato Pie
Apple Pie with Rosemary and Honey

We'd be honored if you try some of our recipes for your Thanksgiving dinner. If you use them, please be sure to share the results in the Heirloom Cooking Section of our website. Simply find the appropriate page for the recipe and add your photos and adaptations.

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Just for spreading some Beekman love...

We'd love for the Beekman 1802 Mercantile to be an online stop on your holiday shopping list. As you know, everything we sell is made in America, and nearly all of it is produced even more locally, right here around Sharon Springs. Your support really does make a direct difference to our village.

We'd also love for you to share some Beekman love with your friends who may be looking to support small American businesses this holiday season. So we thought we'd offer a discount for them to try us out, and for you to spread the word. How? It's easy.

If you refer 10 friends to sign up for the Beekman 1802 Newsletter, we'll send you and them a coupon code worth 10% off our 'Tis the Season Bundle (which, not so coincidentally, make great presents. Limit: 4/customer)

If you refer 15 friends, we'll send you all a coupon code worth 15% for the 'Tis the Season Bundle. (Limit: 4/customer)

If you refer 20 folks, you'll get the 15% discount and you'll be entered a drawing to win a Nook Color!

Just forward your friends the link to our sign up form below, and make sure they include your last name and email address as directed.
Sign-up Link to forward to friends:


(Last date for entering is November 20th. Coupon codes will be emailed on November 23rd.)

How we make what we make.

Recently we made a new video about how our Beekman 1802 Birds Nest Iron Bowls are made. So we also thought we'd look back at some of the other videos we've put together of our incredible Beekman Blacksmith, Michael McCarthy, and some of the amazing creations he hand forges for us.

The Making of The Beekman 1802 Birds Nest Iron Bowl
The Making of The Beekman 1802 Iron Block
The Making of The Beekman 1802 Fruit Spoon

Save the date for Sharon Springs' holiday party.

Start picking out your Victorian outfits! Sharon Springs 2nd annual Victorian Holiday Celebration is right around the corner - Saturday, Dec. 3rd. Take part in Victorian caroling, dancing, plays, strolling, tree-lighting, and more! More details will be revealed later this week on Beekman1802.com, but for those who weren't able to join us last year, check out the 2010 holiday photo album. We guarantee it will be the most festive joy of your holiday season. Come take part!

Decorate Beekman-style...by helping others.

If there's one thing we love, it's helping others.
If there's one thing we hate, it's being wasteful.
Luckily, we've created a new way to deck the halls that satisfies both needs!

Our new "Bundle-Up" Greenery Collection consists of fresh wreaths, swags, and kissing balls - all made with the highest quality balsam, pine, cedar, seeded eucalyptus and pine cones. They'll keep your home smelling fragrant throughout the holiday season.

But that's not all...they'll warm your body and heart too. The bow that decorates each of our greenery creations is fashioned from a 6 foot scarf made from recycled wool sweaters. It's a perfect accent to your winter wardrobe once the holidays are over. The scarves are created by hand by a non-profit extension of Goodwill NCW that offers training and employment to those who need a helping hand. Plus, as an added benefit, there are no shipping charges on any of our "Bundle-Up" creations. Looking good. Doing good. It's the Beekman holiday spirit.

A Holiday Science Experiment
If you're looking for a magical holiday craft to try at home, don't forget Brent's fabulous "Winter Morning Wreath." It's a great holiday project for kids that not only looks great in your decor, but also can teach children how crystals form in nature.

Helping other American Small Businesses

We've been very fortunate to have friends and neighbors like you who have helped our business grow. Now we'd like to use our platform to help other small American businesses that also believe in handmade quality and community spirit.

We're teaming with OpenSky, an online shopping deal site, to create the "Beekman 1802 Annex." We're searching out amazing, handcrafted, American products and bringing them some publicity - and hopefully sales.

If you want to discover more small American businesses working as hard as we are, please sign up to explore the Beekman 1802 Annex. We'll be adding more businesses every few days. As a "thank you," click below to save $10 on your first order:

The people who make Beekman 1802 great.

We're all Beekman descendents in spirit. Each month we feature an employee, friend, or fan of Beekman 1802. This month's Beekman profile is Megan Holken. Megan is our "BOO" (Beekman Operating Officer) and, believe it or not, she's even more buttoned-up than Brent.

Name: Megan Holken

Work Nickname: "The Heavy" (She gets. stuff. done.)

Age you are in your head: You're only as old as you feel. Most days I'm 18. Other days I'm 110.

Who are the humans & animals who live at your home?: Doogie Dog (dog); Ginger & KoKo (cats); Jack & Jill (Cockatiels); Pago (Leopard Gecko); Freya (Anole Lizard)

How long have you've been on Team Beekman?: I have been on Team Beekman since August of 2010 and what a fun run it's been! I look forward to growing with Beekman 1802 on this exciting adventure it has taken me on.

Favorite Season: Autumn is by far my favorite season of the year. Although bittersweet for me, as it marks the end of summer and the beginning of winter. The smell of wood fires and apples linger in the air, walks through the forest with its brilliant show of colors and the cascading leaves descend from the trees in a poetic dance. Nothing better.

Neighborly Advice: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

If you could live in 1802, how would you spend a perfect day?: I would begin my day waking up in my log cabin that I built, start the fire and prepare breakfast, fresh eggs and smoked bacon from the smoke house. I would warm the bread I made yesterday and have it with my homemade butter and preserves. During the day I would tend to my garden and farm animals. I would end my day cooking a hearty supper sitting on my porch watching the sunset.

Maybe we're coming your way.

We've already visited eleven cities this fall on our cookbook tour, and we've got a few more trips before the end of the year. If you live in Chicago, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Boston, Cooperstown, or West Virginia, visit the events section of our Facebook page to see where and when we're showing up. Thanks to all who've come out to say "hi" to us already...you all are the best huggers.

Just for fun, here are a few clips of some TV interviews we've done lately (Click on any picture for video):

What we want in our stocking and on our nightstand.

Essential Pepin. Over 700 of Jaques Pepin's favorite recipes. (Only someone as accomplished as Jaques Pepin could have 700 favorite recipes.) Seriously, this new, critically-praised bible better be under our tree or we'll pout until February.

Out of Oz. This is the fourth and final Oz book by Gregory Maguire. (The first was "Wicked.") Rarely does this happen, but this final book of the quadrogy (is that a word?) is the best of them all.

Martha's Entertaining. Yes, you probably won't ever attempt 1/100th of the ideas in this book. But you're going to buy it anyway, because it's beautiful, inspiring, and let's face it...she's the best at this sort of thing.

Artisan Cheese Making at Home. This book is all the buzz right now. With easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful imagery, this newly published work is bound to be a go-to DIY classic. Amazing gift.

Made from Scratch. This one has been out awhile, but since it came up often in conversation, we finally read it. Equal parts memoir and homesteading reference guide, it's both entertaining and very helpful.

The Battle for Christmas. Yep, we don't just eat seasonally, we read seasonally too. This is a very thorough and informative history of Christmas that illustrates how little the earliest Christmases have in common with today's jolly celebrations.

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Our new line of fresh greenery not only looks good, it makes you feel good. Our fresh Bundle-Up Pine Wreaths, Swags & Kissing Balls are assembled with a bow crafted from a fashionable red  scarf that can be worn after the holiday season.

The scarves are handmade by a non-profit extension of Goodwill NCW that offers training and employment to those who need a helping hand. Additionally, all of our "Bundle-Up" greenery items feature free shipping.


Our Autumn Fresh Air Room Spray brings the fragrance of a walk through the woods to any room your in, plus are pocket-sized for easy travel.


Our Six Bar Gift Set is our very best value. Get six full bars of any of our monthly scents in an attractive gift box. This set should keep your skin soft right throughout the holidays.


The ultimate in stylish recycling. Our Beekman 1802 blacksmith collects the metal scraps from around our farm then melts & re-blooms the iron ore to create our stunning new Bird's Nest Iron Bowl. No two are alike.

Perfect for decorative display, but also useful as a candy dish, coin bowl, or shallow ornamental planter. Approx: 5" diameter, 3" depth.


Perfect for gift giving, our winter "Tis the Season" Bundle combines five of our most popular products, all in our famous Winter scent. The bundle includes our Milk Bath, Fresh Air Room Spray, Winter Candle, Winter Stick-of-Butter Lotion Stick, and Winter Soap. Great value.


Our Month of December Soap was inspired by gathering pine boughs in the woods and coming home to a kitchen full of baking. Take a relaxing bath between shopping with this popular scent.


We spend a lot of time outdoors and needed something that would protect our skin and fit easily in our pocket. Unlike greasy liquid lotions, our Stick of Butter will moisturize and treat without leaving you sticky.  Simply rub the stick on your lips or skin and allow the natural heat of your body to do the rest. All natural, with goat milk, olive oil, beeswax and other natural ingredients. Our Autumn fragrance is perfect to remind you of the country...wherever you are.


Father's Day might not be the easiest holiday to shop for, but it's pretty tough to go wrong with our Cajeta - goat milk caramel. Made from milk fresh from the Beekman Farm, vanilla & sugar, and slow cooked all day. And if Dad's adventurous, try Beekman 1802 Cajeta with spicy Habanero.


In honor of our new cookbook, the Beekman 1802 blacksmith created this handy Book Bar. When placed across the open pages of our cookbook (or any book) it neatly keeps the book open and easy to read with its deceptively heavy weight. 7 inches long and 1/4 inch on each side.


Wondering what to take along to all those Holiday Parties? Take it from us, your host doesn't want any more wine. Or cookies. Bring along our Six Bar Guest Soap set instead. Trust us. They'll remember you fondly all year.


Our new bestselling Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook is full of our favorite recipes...the kind that are passed down from generation to generation. (In fact, we included pockets and recipe cards so you can do the same.) Using fresh, simple ingredients, and divided by season, it's just like spending a year in our kitchen.


The golden glow of the willow tree on Heron Pond, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and the soul-warming effect of awakening the fireplace after a long summer's sleep.

Our Beekman 1802 Autumn Bar captures the essence of Autumn at Beekman Farm.


We do a lot of baking this time of year, and our Month of November Soap reminds us of how our kitchen smells as all the yummy baking spices swirl about.


Our "We've Got You Covered" Apron is our very own Beekman design, and is so perfect, we're thinking of patenting it. Its full length covers like a potter's apron, and pockets at the bottom of the hem are lined with thermoflex to serve at pot-holders. The adjustable neck strap means it fits anyone, no matter how tall. (Or short.) Embroidered with Beekman 1802 logo.


You know that feeling when you take that first breath outdoor on a cold, frozen morning? That's what our Scent of Winter Soap will remind you of. What's our fragrance secret? We can't tell you. But like everything we make, it only contains essential oils - no synthetic fragrances.

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