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Hello! I missed an issue because I was away, but maybe you didn't even notice. I'm hoping you didn't notice. But now I just told you. Darn it! OK, onward...
Life Skill Not Learned

It turns out my 10-year-old doesn't know how to properly tie a shoe. She just keeps looping and re-looping the laces until a giant problem is created. And now she's used to this method and doesn't want to learn another way. So... yeah. Where's my Parent of the Year award? 
As you may know from a recent cartoon, I love books. So I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you, in case you're looking for gift ideas. This is truly a collection of random books -- some new, some old, all beloved.  

Even as I put this list together, I know I'm forgetting some... Argh! What am I forgetting? Oh well, I may need to do a "round two" in the next newsletter. 

You'll see my (very short) notes in red under each book. I figured if something interests you, you can read all about it on Amazon! Please feel to reply to this email and let me know if you have books that you love -- I'm always looking for suggestions! I tend toward humor, as you can see. 

So without further ado, some gift ideas: 

Other Ideas! 
In addition to the books above, I can also recommend a couple other things... 

1. Handerpants. I own these and they are actually quite comfortable. Maybe someone on your list is asking for fingerless gloves. Instead, you can give them... handerpants!
Check out the website -- it's funny. 

2. Masks! I own a couple, including the bald eagle mask (and talons) and the chicken mask. They come in more handy than you might think. Halloween, fun at parties, picking your kids up from school... and they're easier than entering the Witness Protection Program, if that's something you're facing.  

People love seeing a bald eagle.  

Just chillin' with a chicken. 

In general, I can suggest the website Archie McPhee for all weird, random holiday gifts. I think I'm one of their top customers. 

Happy shopping! 
In the past several weeks my cartoons have covered snacking, phone-charging wars, Scrabble, dog craziness and more. If you missed any, head over to my website to catch up!

The most popular cartoon in the past two weeks was this one, about homework. Some nights it's like a one-woman show, I tell you. 

Latest from Hedger Corp
I also posted three more chapters of the Hedger Corp story. Here they are, in case you missed them:

Ted Asks Dangerous Questions
Choosing a Mascot
The Office Prepares for the Holidays 

In Other News...
I found out that
Bored Panda ran a bunch of my cartoons, and then Upworthy also featured some of them. So that's always good! 
I create around 15 new cartoons per month and one reason I'm able to do this is because people support me on my Patreon page. If you donate any amount, you'll get behind-the-scenes emails I send out. And if you donate $3.00 per month you'll be rewarded with a "how to draw" video each month. At the $5.00/month level I'll send you a new piece of art each month! Details are on the site, if you want to learn more. 

Here's the link, and thank you!
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