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Meeting with Liesbeth of Betje Comics
As some of you may have seen on Facebook or Instagram, I met up with fellow cartoonist Liesbeth Ton. We enjoyed drinking coffee and posing with writing utensils.


I really like her style and humor, and it was fun to talk to someone who loves cartooning just as much as I do. Check her out at one (or more) of these places: 
Her Tapastic site
On Instagram
On Facebook

And while we're talking about cartoonists I enjoy, let me throw out a few more suggestions: 

Liz Climo: Cartoon animals in conversations that are just the best.

Fowl Language by Brian Gordon: Parenting humor with a touch of, yes, foul language.

Poorly Drawn Lines by Reza Farazmand: Offbeat and awesome.

Maybe you'll like them too! There are more I could suggest, but how about I save that for another newsletter so we all have something to look forward to? Good. It's a plan.  
Birthday card strategically positioned
As we discussed last time, I create greeting cards for Recycled Paper Greetings. The vast majority of my ideas are rejected (that's just how it goes), but every now and then a card will end up on the shelves of major retailers.

Right now there's one out called "Birthdays By Age."  Every time I see it, I make sure it's sticking up.

That way, shoppers will think, "Hmm... this card seems to be almost jumping out at me. I should get it!" 

I've watched shoppers, and so far this is NOT how they react, but it's only a matter of time. 

Maybe I should stand next to the shopper and say, "That card seems to be jumping out at you!" Then I could laugh heartily and slap their back, then stop laughing and say, "Seriously. Buy that card."

OR I could just grab the card, hand it to the shopper and then lean in and whisper, "If you don't buy this, I will freak out."

These are all good ideas. I'll let you know how they work out.   
Latest from Hedger Corp

For those of you following the Hedger Corp saga, two exciting stories have been posted since the last newsletter: 
Special Deliveries and Surprises
Productivity Retreat
I was doodling mustaches this week, and here's where that got me. These guys are bringing it! I think that gentleman in the top row with the hair sticking straight up is the most intriguing to me...  
In the past two weeks we've covered book lovers, revenge, Halloween antics, dog people and more! I post a cartoon every weekday, so if you missed any, head over to my website to catch up!

The most popular cartoon in the past two weeks was this one, about Daylight Saving Time. If you live somewhere where the clocks turn back, you know it can be a startling change for the first week or so! Here's how I cope. And fun fact: This cartoon went viral last year, and helped people find my Hedger Humor page Facebook page!

I posted one cartoon story in the past two weeks. It's about the time we found a spider in the car. AHHHHHH! Check it out here, if you dare: Danger in the Car
Did you plan to buy four gumballs for 25 cents each, but then change your mind?

Well then, you have $1.00 lying around, don't you? Hmm... how to spend it?

Idea: For a totally optional donation of just $1 per month you can support Hedger Humor, and help me continue creating the comics! I make 15 to 20 new cartoons per month, so that's a lot of great content for one dollar! Plus I set up rewards for people who support my work, including custom art and "how to draw" videos.

Here's the link if you want to learn more. Thank you!
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