'Strategika' is a free online journal offering perspectives on how conflicts of the past can be used as lessons for the present.
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Strategika: What will Afghanistan look like following the final U.S. withdrawal in 2014?
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The current issue of Strategika ponders the future of Afghanistan, asking the question: What will Afghanistan look like following the final U.S. withdrawal in 2014?

In his background essay, Max Boot analyzes how British, and subsequently, Soviet involvement in Afghanistan, suggest that the country's current stability can be maintained with continued assistance from the U.S. In the featured commentary essays, Col. Joseph Felter discusses the uncertainties of Afghanistan's internal political situation and Kimberly Kagan warns that the departure of the U.S. forces from Afghanistan will have disastrous consequences for both countries.

Readers are also encouraged to return to our last issue on U.S.-China relations where they will find podcast interviews with our contributors available in the next few days.



Strategika is a free online journal that analyzes ongoing issues of national security in light of conflicts of the past. Strategika offers two opinion editorials on a current crisis or controversy with a background historical essay. The journal also includes a brief section with suggestions for further study and discussion questions for educators on particular issues that arise from the posted essays along with additional commentary from the members.


As the very name of the Hoover Institution attests, military history lies at the core of our dedication to the study of “War, Revolution, and Peace.” It is with this tradition in mind that the “Working Group on the Role of Military History in Contemporary Conflict” has set its agenda—reaffirming the Hoover Institution’s dedication to historical research in light of contemporary challenges, and in particular, reinvigorating the national study of military history as an asset to foster and enhance our national security.  By bringing together a diverse group of distinguished military historians, security analysts, and military veterans and practitioners, the working group seeks to examine the conflicts of the past as critical lessons for the present. The working group is chaired by Victor Davis Hanson with counsel from Bruce S. Thornton and David L. Berkey.

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