RI Training Preparation newsletter covers 5 short documents that explain how RI's Philosophy, Graphical Programming, Optimization, Test Management and Workflow provide the best tools for developing automated tests for all your semiconductor products.
Doc 4 of 5: Test Management
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Cassini Basic Training Preparation Newsletter

Welcome to the 4nd installment of a five part series introducing RI's design philosophy in preparation of an intensive week of training at RI Santa Clara.  Please review the PDF linked below to prepare questions and get the most out of the training.

Philosophy| Graphical Programming | Optimization | Test Management | Workflow Structure
RI PhilosophyRI Graphical ProgrammingRI OptimizationRI Test ManagementComing Soon...

Guru: Building Bridges to Islands of Automation

Key Points

  • Guru enables advanced Cassini capabilities
  • Networking Agent securely connects test system with developers and test data management tools
  • Version Control provides seamless backups, test distribution and more...
  • Test Asset Management links all needed resources including calibration data, configurations, and test plans
  • Allows RI Support to quickly recreate the environment to help solve problems

Looking For More About Guru?

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Workflow Structure: Putting it all together

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